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Paris Jackson - Dreams

Donald Marshall - Yeah, everyone here know's what you mean... too bad you have to play cryptic riddler. Go on twitter and type go look at Donald Marshall's facebook page. Beatin round the bush much er what?

Yeah you just don't know who he is,... you call me by name as clones just fine.

Andy StickyBud Mappouras - weirdly there is apparently some phenomenon going on I've heard a lot of people post about this. I think the website is or .org people are seeing the same face in there dreams. Just thought I'd point it out lol not sayin i believe it

Donald Marshall - my face... Paris knows who I am,... I've talked to her many times, She and her older brother have asked me to come up with songs for them within the past year, I refused.

Paris has been sitting there watching me make songs and watchin me get gutted and smashed to death her whole life.

She does NOT get tortured, she is very privileged there as clones.

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