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Paul Walker

Donald Marshall - SO, I don't quite know how to say this, hoping no one think's I'm trying to dramatize the situation, but last night I didn't get harmed as clones. When activated there during R.E.M I opened my clone eyes and i was sitting in the stands... Paul Walker (clone of him) out in the arena tied to the same cross I've been chained and tied to, 2 people were stabbing and punching him, everyone had to watch as a deterrent. Scream scream scream. A bunch in the crowd crying, I guess some there like him. They wanted me to see it,... and they want me to mention it now of course, otherwise I wouldn't have been activated while they were torturing him.

Don't know if that will make any difference in the World, but that is the latest there.

Debbie Lawrence - keep the fear factor going to stop others wanting to talk

Adam Trent - Need too get a lot of ppl to march on their asses!

Donald Marshall - yep.

Don't know how long they're going to razz him for, he messed them up somehow a lot. They're pretty pissed, I don't even know what he did.

Jessica Hatley - But does this mean he is still alive?.... well for now?

Kyle Harris - Find out what he did. I find it too ironic he died in a situation he is known best for.

Fredrik Beckman - wow thats weird so was it him or à Clone that died in that car? Or are they giving him Mega death?

Donald Marshall - was very strange last night... they were acting like them getting him, and me seeing it and relating it here would be the starting point to something big, I don't know their motives about it.

Mega death... they weren't getting him as bad as others I've seen getting messed up... they got Chris Beniot way worse, people at cloning seem to like Paul Walker though, seemed like they didn't actually want to hurt him.

And that was AFTER he was dead.

Jeralynn Kawewong Kozak - To the uninitiated (as I was): how this occurred after he died was a consciousness transfer via soul stone/microchip into clone of him.

Zack Jakupko - ever find out what Paul did, Donald Marshall?

Jeralynn Kawewong Kozak - I think Don said he was going to expose the cloning center and such.

Donald Marshall - And something about bit coins n deadly vaccines.

Fredrik Beckman - Hey Donald Marshall I have been thinking about something. Since they killed him before they started to torture him. His real soul or consciousness must have left the body right? and if so the clone with his memorys must have been more of a show for you guys and his clone, since the real soul had already left. Or have I gotten this wrong?

Jeralynn Kawewong Kozak - I guess sometimes I get confused regarding the chip head concept. Is the consciousness uploaded so that their soul is "captured" onto the chip or is it "copied" into the chip? Thoughts, memories, feelings and the essence of who you are, as Donald Marshall indicated, can be transferred, but it seems to me like a copy of the person not the person itself. Enlighten us, please. 

Donald Marshall - Yes Fredrik, like caged his soul type of thing. But there was something fake about it. Like they were running a deception.

Yeah. All on the chip. But not complete. The technology is flawed and they can't fix it.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - Paul Walkers clone? They didn't even finish all of his scenes before he died but it looks like he's in almost the whole film

Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD)

Donald Marshall - They do use clones a lot in films.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - They're doing the same thing with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Catching Fire

Donald Marshall - Yep

Justin Hritsouyani - They had said that they used his two brothers to fill in but who knows

Stefan Gray - Holographic??

Donald Marshall - Nah. Clone. Cheaper n easier

Tila has again said as clones that she cannot help me, talked to her there, she was very shaky and shift eyed, worried... looked more scared than usual... probably the Paul Walker death... Tila is still in a lot of trouble for the cloning center radio show that she did. She said I messed up her thing,... that many are asking her about cloning and vrill now and she has to ignore them, or be interrogated as clones the next time she sleeps as to why she responded... not good.

By the way she was acting,, It seemed like she thought something dreadfully bad was going to happen to me...

Bella Donna Marie - Wow....not good

Donald Marshall - very not good... since Paul Walker's death, the other celeb's there have lost their confidence again lol... I guess Paul Walker was gonna spill the beans hard...

That woulda been Glen Beck too, if he had of mentioned my name that time...

Lee Ann Hand - How did they find out that Paul Walker was gonna spill the beans?

Donald Marshall - interrogated him as clones. he wanted to be the brave one that helped me first... figured it was irrelevant now. That I'd already talked so it wouldn't matter now. and they seemed to like him, so he was pretty sure they wouldnt kill him...didn't kill Tila, and they like him more...

celebs dont trust each other to stick to it, united... also the illuminati have that groundhog day tech, to bounce back a day and kill the person before the press conference if need be, with the hadron colliders.

not good.

Odette Smee - What about Paul Walker, have you seen any more of him? Or is that old news now?

Donald Marshall - Haven't seen Paul Walker since, Snowden hangs at cloning and is part of a plan to fabricate a peoples hero, the things he "revealed" were already public knowledge, he just turned eyes to it, he is supposed to make Obama and American government look bad, while making Russia and China look good.

Anette Bregi - Hey Donald, I just read that Tila Tequila has publicly (on her FB page) said that she believes Paul Walker was murdered.

Donald Marshall - I believe he was murdered too. 

Brook Doyle - i would say not, if a bunch of them want out. old saying, 'if something can't last forever, it won't.' whatever thing they got going just can't last, its too evil and most people are not evil.

Donald Marshall - it's lasted a long time now,... and Paul Walkers death and mistreatment is going to slow any other celebs from talking I assume.

Or maybe they'll do some uniting thing and all talk at once, I dunno. Some of the celebs are scum like the money and don't want to be found out.

Paul Walker was gonna talk so the Illuminati killed him...

They wanted me to see Paul Walker there and to say I saw him there. Don't know why.

Star Moncada - If he is dead how could his clone be activated rem? Did they pull in his soul.? Please comment.

Donald Marshall - dead clones runnin around as mark 3 or 4 clones still sleep, and can still operate mark 2 rem driven clones while in rem state.

Celine O'carroll - wow...theyre megadeathing Paul Walker. Poor sad. He must feel so hopeless when they activate his clone now. We gotta get busy. They are not going to shut down unless forced.

Donald Marshall - Paul Walker has attended cloning for years,

Kyle Haran Ramirez - hey donald do you have any inside info on Paul Walker?

Donald Marshall - A little,... since I've been saying clone and vrill, others are getting brave... he was going to talk, said so at cloning, others have too, and they killed him probably to set an example.

Mind you, he only wanted to talk AFTER the Illuminati had made him rich... he stayed quiet about it before when he wasn't rich or famous.

met him at the cloning center many times, he was going to talk, the Illuminati killed him.


  1. There must be some good guys out there in the other dimensions etc surely? I believe in a higher power. I've also heard that certain humans are 'under contract'.

    1. AnonymousMay 01, 2016

      Jesus .

    2. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

      I also believe that, but what do you mean by under contract?
      Do you mean protected by other entities?

  2. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    I would like to say, This is the only website that i have found that actually let's me write to people, every other one i tried would always fail, my server would mess up and I felt like they where somehow messing with me, hmm yeah i know that sounds crazy, but I don't care it is the truth, and I know just by saying all this I put myself in danger, but I do not care anymore, I won't allow myself to die or be murdered in anyway. They have tried, but can't get me, because I will not let that happen, I have a lot to tell, from experience in this life I KNOW that people do get kidnapped all the time, and I KNOW FOR A FACT our government is apart of it, I have had secret agents try to sneak up on me and my friends, We were at our showground in our small town, drinking being carless teenages talking about life, I seen a unmarked car pull up, looked like a coppers patty wagon, all painted black. Then I saw 6 of them get out, get down and army crawel towards us, I was amazed by this! I have never seen secret agents before lol i was speechless at first like 'the fuck why are professional agents in this town army crawling towards us, I was like is the Navy doing a secret drill? Practicing their skills? I dont know I was in shock, I told my friends, they laughed at me, your seeing things they said, boys can be so dumb sometimes, I grabbed my biggest mate, and shoved his face in their direction. He is the 'boss' out of the male apes. I mean guys :p anyway, Took him awhile. After me yelling at him, he saw them, I begged my mates 'can we please run' they didn't want to at first, boys man. Think they can take on anything -_- I said again 'please please this is not normal lets run!' Then I grabbed the bag of alcohol and ran, knowing they would follow we ran threw the backstreets, until we felt like we lost them, it barley fazed them, but not me I couldn't stop talking about it, we just had army looking dudes pull up in a coppers wagon fully blacked out like da fuck not normal! I wonder what we were going to get used for, anyway we are a few streets away from the showground, then I turn around and see 'regular looking people' wearing trackys and jumpers, once again trying to sneak up on us, I watched them, again 6 of them running then ducking behind cars, trying to sneak up on us like a cat does a bird. I point them out, once a fucking gain. My dumb fucking friends need me to stop and fucking point out to them, finally they seen one of them pop out from behind a car. Then quickly duck behind another. And then they said okay maybe we should get home now, -_- really derp? Ya think?! so we ran again, all the way home. They never speak of it. And when I bring it up people dont even blink an eyelid??? WHY? WHY does nonone ever want to ear about this stuff? BTW if you are a guy and a female says run people are trying to sneak up on us, dont ask questions just fucking leg it ffs From a female NSW Australia, anyone else down under, or anywhere out there have anything that can relate you no the go talk to me and shit thanks for reading my rambling story :L sorry I get overwhelmed and have to write it down as fast as possible before my phone wipes it all away. So if I have made mistakes sorry about that

    1. AnonymousJune 28, 2016

      i live in Oz too sis, never heard/seen anything like that in my neck of the pilliga scrub

  3. There are no dates up here on these comments... From my info (not always correct)...

    Paul Walker made cloning center comments in Feb 2013 on tv (maybe radio?) and the lizards (Illuminati) rolled back time one day. Comments made to me and from the little I remember I was walking around talking to myself about how I had done all the same things the day before... others repeated that to me over time after they were informed.

    Movie was completed with clones.

    Wreck did not have people and whatever was in the wreck was wearing hollywood cut suits (see I was told that the CPA who was driving was supposed to represent to me (I have an accounting degree but am not a CPA) and at the time I had no idea what they were talking about.

    I do have an idea now. I have been told that my 4th level astral dreams are blocked from me (for now).

    Alex Rogan


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