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People's "Nature's"

Donald Marshall (August 2013) - thing is... when the prime evils at the cloning center thought there was NO POSSIBILITY of anyone exposing them and "living" through it they went all out gross too... kinda like how they all tried to one up each other with evil deeds in real bodies... some of them there went absolutely all out with the filthy depravity too... like it is the gimmick that makes them stand out... it's hard to explain their psychology, some of these people... they are so immune to embarrassment and being rich royal or something, they make people watch them do disgusting things...

in the same ring,.. everyone just sits there and watches.... they used to have this thing... when there was nothing to do out there. They called it showing people's "nature's?" I didnt understand so I asked what it was,... they said it's peoples nature.... I thought the clone telling me about this meant like its in their nature to be evil.... no... they all have a thing they do.

let's see... celebs too... this one guy, lives in the country and there are a bunch of crickets chirping at night and he can't stand it, anyway... he goes out into the ring, with one or more crickets in a box on a card table... everyone in the crowd watching.... now they put the sound of multiple chirping crickets on the loudspeaker sound system... he gets angrier looking and either cuts the back legs of the crickets off or pulls them off... then chirping stops... and he calms... and starts laughing at the crippled crickets?!?!?! Yelling at them HAAA whatcha doin now what what? it's very retarded.

They made me watch many people's "nature's"... Gwen Stefani... some nazi whoz real name is Holly Gotz or something,... she gets a goldfish aquarium set up in the ring,... same card table, with a tiny fishnet next to it... walks up and looks at the fish for a minute swimmin around, scoops one out slow and then puts it on the table to flop around, while she stares at it... her facial expression looks like interested extreme,... then when it stops twitching and is dead she smiles with a great satisfaction... and this is Gwen Stefani's nature...

they get worse with different people... 1000% worse... I think thats why Gwen just does that to goldfish,... so that she wont have to do something to any people instead...

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