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Pete Santilli

Donald Marshall (October 2014) - Pete Santilli is at cloning occasionally. He just scammed half a million dollars from people donating gas money to the alleged truck drivers going to Washington that time. He and a couple accomplices kept the money.

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  1. Thanks for all the info you give us ,we need to know who the bad guys Alex Jones for example. My son said he was a puppet a few years back so I don't trust him.
    Now that I am on YouTube and not watching soap videos (I make handmade soap)I am discovering a lot of sick folks out there,famous and not famous.
    How you guys deal with this noise is beyond me. I am learning these folks and YT trolls are not worthy of my time. I trust you and Donald and Phil for the truth.I am learning quite a bit but as Donald stated somewhere READ,read,read. You all don't have time to repeat yourselves and that is totally understandable.


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