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Peter Jackson

Katie Wright Whale Song (December 2012) - Donald please give me everything you have on Peter Jackson .. The director of The Hobbits.

Donald Marshall - He made me help with lines and ideas for the lord of the rings movies... And a couple others, also attacked me at the cloning center showing off for the others, but with him it was like he had to or he was ordered to, to be like the rest, he didn't want to do anything to me. Attends cloning centers for sure. he had me doing golem impressions and had them smashing me with stuff to see how my body would fall and stuff,... Like the attack on osgiliath, many of the orcs that died were copying how I fell from a mace in the chest or shot by arrow,... They used me like that for different movies sometimes.... Not in the actual film,.. Just used as an example of realistic death scenes and stuff,... Usually pain sensors off but if I'd refuse they'd tear me on high sensors. Usuallye stuntmen would watch, or the director would watch and just relate how to get them to fall, and sounds tomake, they'd leave the pain sensors on the clone so I'd scream realistically. How I hate them,.


Question (November 2012) - You said Peter Jackson went to the Cloning Centre? This creepy guy let 27 horses die in the making of the Hobbit... What is he like at the Centre?

Donald Marshall - He acts like he's a lord of the land and untouchable... george lucas and steven speilberg do too... all the rich ones do, until a politically powerful person talks down to them and then they hush up and look to the floor.

Question - Do they get the film composers too like Hanz Zimmer? He's one of my favorite composers.

Donald Marshall - zimmer yes,....... all of hollywood is involved.

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