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Phil Reece

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - this is Phil Reece he is 60 now, he has been Elizabeths henchman for atleast 31 years torturing children into compliance,... and is known as my "handler" He likes to try to compete with Elizabeth in level of Evil...

[Phil Reece's Facebook:]


Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Phil Reece is who they usually send in to torture and mangle me... See I beat him easy in a fight done it many times so they drug me or break my legs or arms or chain me to a cross or table and he stabs and smashes my face... The others watch him beat me or stab me to death and they masterbate in the stands... They gat injected with drugs as they watch and just sit there masterbate making wierd noises no shame.... Its the most disgusting spectacle you have ever seen


Donald Marshall (Fri. October 5, 2012) - They're still activating clones of me nightly... Phil Reece and Elizabeth killing me... it's beyond overdone retarded. Looks like they're just gonna mess clones of me up daily until I suffer out a slow death...


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - Elizabeth Phillip and Charles, torturing the guts out of me with the help of Phil Reece and a friend of Phil Reece' Paul Mugford,.... also from Halifax area,... They're telling me they want me to commit suicide or they will torture me nightly until I do...


Donald Marshall (Wed. September 5, 2012) - Still alive, Still being brought there... last night Phil Reece and my "step uncle" Tom Cohoon took turns punching my face,... went through 3 clones of me... Tom Cohoon has his daughters cloned there and acts like he is a hostage, like there is nothing he can do to free them and they'd better do what theyre told... I told them the truth, and my mother sat there and watched with the rest of them... Tom Cohoon and the Cohoons have been attending the cloning center since before I was 5, Gordon Cohoon married my mother and figures he and his family have a say in ownership of me,... said they sold me for benefits at the cloning center and I will be a slave for life,... many are now saying to leave me alone... but Phil Reece Elizabeth and the royals, and the worst perverts there want me to continue being brought there... the Cohoons are really trying hard to get them to continue to be brought there... they feel like celebrities there because they are connected to me in some way. The Cohoons bring their children there and leave them memory suppressed... perv on their own children and trade them around for other kids and adults.


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - They have in every clone there an internal drug dispenser and in this drug dispenser is herion, most clones there dont know about this implant, Ive told many but they just bring in a new oblivious group,.. Elizabeth hates me that badly that when the retards there start stabbing me and I automatically scream, she has Phil reece's brother on the control computer release a shot of herion into everyone,... they feel the rush and think its a magical pleasurable thing to torture me...she also tried to convince everyione there that I'm the antichrist and should be tortured,... she has no way to entertain anyone there,... once the novelty wears off theres nothing to do...


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - Elizabeth's no. one henchman....sadistic child torturer...Phil Reece.


Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Jett [Travolta] was killed because he was slightly mentally disabled and John [Travolta] was embarrassed of him, Phil Reece mentioned to him as clones that his death would go along with some ritual about sacrificing your son to lucifer/satan, and it's supposed to give you greater fortune in life, like luck, So they took him on a nice vacation somewhere and made him have an aneurysm from the cloning center...


Donald Marshall (Tues. December 25,, 2012) - Phil Reece, Canadian commissionaire and one of themost disgusting perverts they have there


Donald Marshall (Tues. December 25, 2012) - Still cling to life,... I am very sick now, wierd sick, Tila/Thien made me pay for revealing her out of control drug use, and hurt my clone badly, then had Phil Reece come out and pummel my face until I died as clone... then again stomping my face till I died again, turns out the silly junkie had aspirations of being president someday or being involved in politics,... they usually don't let meth head superwhore prostitutes into office though...


Donald Marshall (Sat. November 17, 2012) - Phil Reece's clone crept up behind me and stabbed me in the face while I was distracted talking to the freaks


Alison Raffaele (Sat. October 17, 2012) - MUST be a drone, eh? that Phil Reece?

Donald Marshall - they say he is... 


Donald Marshall (Sat. December 15, 2012) - Last night at the cloning center Phil Reece and a bunch of old fat and or ugly people chopped me with machete's while I was chained to that cross... saying oh he's going to get us we had better get revenge in prefix revenge in prefix... chop chop chop,... hurt real bad, I'm sicker than I already was hearts whacked, It also affects your mental state,... I'm starting to feel wierd and dumber more... gonna try to get this radio show done but have to go to a buds to use wifi, the stolen signal im on isnt strong enough and the laptop requires external modem.... Even after radio show, no one is going to do anything about it, they'll say oh wow terrible if thats true, and they will go on with daily life, until it affects them... Human nature I guess... A Military must stage a coup (takeover). In Canada or the states or somewhere and broadcast the truth on a wide scale,... Its the only way...


Donald Marshall (Thur. July 7, 2016) - Rapper Bob and Phil Reece are killing me at cloning now. Bob is using my posts about him as a premise to speak, be seen and show off for the others there.


Donald Marshall (Mon. July 30, 2012) - Thank you for your help and concerns my friends, makes me feel not so alone in this fight, Elizabeth is very very concerned and stressed, they all are.

Chris Clarke - is their anybody else like u in there?

Donald Marshall - random victims but Im the main

i dont know who the others are, and theyre not defiant like me, they like the defiance, and winning... its a nerdy loser activity I dont describe the procedured they do to me, it's gross and unbelievable in itself that someone would do that stuff to a human.

just Elizabeth and Phil Reece now,... the others just watch now, they dont want me to name them here....

Mietje Gaya Re-l - hold on!

Donald Marshall - am, holdin on, even if i die though, info is forever now andI'm so glad for that...

Kara Lynn Womack - Is reece queen elizabeths lastname?

Donald Marshall - no her last name is windsor

phil reece is just one of her lackeys, one of the most disgusting men on earth will do anything to be seen by the celebs there, doing anything

she says shes merovingian bloodline and is descended from vlad the impaler or romanie vlad dracul, the guy they made the dracula movies about

he's the boogyman there they use to make the childern there too scared to say no to anything,... better go along or Phil will get you type of thing,...they show the kid slaves there me getting tortures in different ways and say this is what happens to people whosay no and dont want to come here

Behold, one of the most slimy evil men on the planet, he likes to strangle children as he rapes exaggeration clones and real kids... he's a commissionaire in canadian intelligence C.S.I.S 

Jeannie L. Smith - Ok...where the hell have I seen this guy before??? I remember...New Orleans...I think it was 2002...he stopped me on the street and asked me about my necklace...weird!!!

Donald Marshall - supposed to be a droned human,... or tats what theyve said satanic, his wife too... great supporters of the cloning center.

Jeannie L. Smith - Oh I remember him clearly. He wanted to know where I got it...if I knew what it meant. Asked me what my name was, and when I told him he grinned, and asked me if I knew what my name meant! Creepy vibe from this guy...I never forget a creepy vibe!!!!!!!!

Donald Marshall - its your intuition being accurate, one of the most evil people on earth,... calls himself my handler lives in Halifax and I know where I'd love to end him but I'd go to jail and cant mail from jail I have to do this right, world depends on me. he is more terrible than you can imagine. devoid of emotion and revels in putting fear into children there, makes him feel powerful.

Jeannie L. Smith - Why would he be interested in my necklace and name???

Donald Marshall - he was interested in you,... wanted your name to get your blood records to clone you. happens all the time.

and they all give him free run of the place,... a henchman of the queen.

Jeannie L. Smith - WTF Donald...are you telling me I might have a clone out there????????

Donald Marshall - very possible its ore common than you think 30 dollars and 5 months to make a clone they do it to so many, and just leave the peoplle memory suppredded,...messes you up and you just think your sick and headaches different side effects for different people depending on wht they do to you 

they want me to go get him and go to jail for murder to stop me from mailing I wont take the bait,... I'd tell you the events there that transpired last night but it's disgusting and I dont want to be vulgar,,, was bad though, ever since exposing vrill lizards theyre insane bad on me now,... its making me sick and headache everyday, I cant even look at screen too long head gets worse

he works at Halifax emergency room at the information desk as a csis commissionaire security guard, even though hes 60 and cant secure there sitting on his fat ass everyday the main emergency room wouldn't it be heavenly if someone went and payed him a visit.

she is rotten too,... they love evil, anything evil... unless it's put on them, theyre both cowards essentially shes cockeyed and some ugly

Celine O'carroll - he didnt accept my friends request..big surprise!!.wanted to write on his wall....would be interesting if you all sent requests...just out of curiousity....

Donald Marshall - awesome :) he's gonna love that hahahha wonder if he'll call the police for me slandering his good name :)


  1. Santie hoekMarch 13, 2016

    I'm really sorry! I'm praying for you. Thanks for not giving up!

  2. Don we all trying to get info out ,man . I just hope that 'Army of light ' extends to us as well LOL ...


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