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Donald Marshall - Well... What is Pindar?... It is the person that talks and deals as an alien go between... They all thought that since I'd seen vrill of different varieties since age 5 that I'd grow accustomed to the appearance of aliens and could be next Pindar... To talk to the multiple varieties of fucked up looking things... But I still can't well. It is disturbing to talk to them... They're all dumb... They don't think like us... Seem evil but trying to display a human emotion of regret for being evil... It is fucked... Anyway I have to be fuckin Pindar against my will soon if not already...

This is Pindar... He is Hank Meier, owner of a grocery store chain in Europe... He is the father of Haley Meier, and the father in law of James Casbolt... 

"Pindar". Nerdy fruity sounding title.

Share this... T'is "Pindar"... Many want to know who this man is. Casbolt has been saying it for 6 months. And it is true.

Her [Haley Meijer] father was the last Pindar before me.

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  1. James Casbolt is in jail for harassing and abusing multiple women and terrorizing them with lies. If this is Pindar, then monkeys shoot rainbows out of their ears, which is probably another one of Casbolt's conspiracies.


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