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Prime Target Of The Illuminati: Weaken & Divide America

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 20, 2013) - I think they're going to slam America with a man made asteroid. many reasons. I''ll write em out inna sec.

OK... you all remember how I told you Obama is a puppet of China and Russia,... I don't think you know just how puppet I meant... he has NO say... none whatsoever. He is made fun of at the cloning center... he is the fall guy. The other leaders make fun of him and he cries like a mentally handicapped child when their feelings are hurt, I'll have to make multiple posts as long posts freeze my screen and I have to reload page and write it all out again.

NOW... the people that HAVE say, are China, Russia, Germany, Italy/Rome, and even though there are very few Arabs there MOST of the leaders attend cloning and are secretly in on it all. NOW. They ALL hate America, but they can't beat America... cont'd

Vladamir, Elizabeth and High up Chinese people pretty much run the cloning center and no one talks down to them. Angela Merkel of Germany,... Scandinavian countries Denmark Norway, different royalties from different places. They have all been trying to think of a way to topple America... and while shaving just now I think I've figured it out.

Russia and China and North Korea have used the Vrill lizards to parasite so many people... they along with Germany have droned many many people... with China being most active with it, they had more people droned than anyone on Earth.

anyway, I found it peculiar that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that if Obama doesn't tell about "aliens" that Russia will... BUT Russia has been droning so many people and chipping US government officials so much that to tell aout it would ruin them... then I thought about Fall guy Obama...

anyway... THEN I thought about where the asteroids came down... one in Russia? one over Cuba, THIS is (and I am speculating) to protect themselves when the asteroid hits the U.S to wipe any suspicion of Russian involvement as "they got hit too" But the one to hit America will most likely hit. Russia and China want to invade America but can't, they would lose, they would have to resort to nukes and suffer a retaliatory strike.

ALSO! a comet or meteorite hitting America would GO RIGHT ALONG with their prophecy stuff they MAKE happen, as it says in the Nostradamus prophecy that a comet called the Bearded star would smash into Earth during the end of days.

Russia, China, and Germany and others, all condone the Vrill lizards to be used on citizens of the US, the hosts are totally obedient and loyal to their helpers... the government of the US is "infested" with hosts of Vrill... They have been doing it for decades. With a military agenda. America is in for some dark days I believe.

If I had to think of the best place for them to hit, it would be the eastern seaboard as Washington is there, and several nuclear power plants, Russia and China will attempt to get a foot in the door to help in reconstruction efforts and it will be all but over for Americans...

Also there is something about the 21st of March,... Tomorrow... they've said in the past three months that the actual alignment of the planets is 3 months further than dec 21st, it's March 21st. It's another one of those occult holidays that they make evil wierd stuff happen somewhere. So be careful tomorrow.

I just typed out a bunch and it froze the page and now I gotta do it again.

That will be the perfect scenario to get Americans to go underground yes Katie. They think they have it allll figured out, lock stock and barrell...

Russia and China are not humanitarian countries, Russia is for Russians and China is for the Chinese. They will cooperate to destroy America, but they don't trust each other. North Korea will do whatever China tells them to do too... they are just a satellite country of China.

You guys don't understand the severity of what I mean about Obama and Biden and the high ups in America.... they are totally terrified of China and Russia for some reason,... must be re-animation after death and getting tortured clone by clone for however long they want to... \America is nearly defenceless now, really when it comes to the high up leadership. They're hosts of Vrill and people walking around with a chip in the head with a Chinese or Russian actors consciousness recorded on it. Bodysnatch 2 different ways. Pelosi and many others.

it's that bad and worse.

Well John Mcain, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Pelosi, Ron Paul, Clintons, Obama's and a bunch I don't know the names of.

People seem to think Ron Paul is some cool nice guy... he is and will be the same as Obama same as Hilary would be if she were elected. I think they're going to impeach Obama and Biden and Put Ron Paul in,... Ron Paul attends cloning, spoke to me there about a year ago, he is going to just be another puppet, they do what their told by China and Russia... if they dont they get replaced and cloned and tortured. Or just drone their families and then kill them... it's not good.....

Ryan Sorokowski - Is Canada safe

Donald Marshall - Unknown, Canada is not a problem, Russia/China could steamroll over Canada at leisure really. The prime target of the Illuminati will be to weaken and divide America.

and a lot of the U.S gov't are either complicit through fear are hosts of Vrill or dead chip heads. They're going to lead the lemmings off the cliff.

Sorry I didn't want to piss any Ron Paul lover off, but he is there at the cloning center, met him there like a year ago, all candidates are with them, no matter who wins the election is already Illuminati,... they always win the election this way.

They might remove Obama and Biden on charges, and put Ron Paul in to appease the people, but with certainty, he will do what they tell him to do and say.

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