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Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Made a bunch of songs for Prince... when I was a kid clone there, he's smart as a clone, which usually means your smart in real body, he wasn't mean to me at all, but he still sat there and watched me get tortured... he's still there everytime he goes into rem...

he might have been replaced or droned... not sure, they act like the original well,,, watch tv footage of them, practice conversations hand gestures even...


Michelle O'howell (January 2014) - From Donald Marshall, I've learned these things. But don't be swayed by these 'truth tellers '. Like Russell brand, and Matt Damon, the reason they are telling, is they have nefarious, illuminati inspired motives to do So.

Prince Exposes Illuminati Depopulation Plans!!!

Donald Marshall - Prince is just as Illuminati as the rest of them... made songs for him as a kid clone at the place or he would stab me...


Donald Marshall (Thur. April 21, 2016) - Prince found dead in studio at 57

Die die die. :D 

Laurence Mountford - His last instagram post

Donald Marshall - He was wrong. Lol


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2016

    So in you said he sat and watched and later you say he would stab you for songs. Which was it?

  2. He never had to do it. The songs were made.(obvious assumption).


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