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Princess Diana

Donald Marshall - Elizabeth had princess Diana Spencer killed by having someone shine the brightest light known to mankind through the window side on to the car, they swerved away from it and hit the divider, it was no paparazzi. Diana survived though, and while either on the way to or in the hospital was injected with a high concentration of salt which is near undetectable and died. She did this because Diana was going to marry an Arab. Diana hated them, knew about the cloning stuff and wanted nothing to do with it, but was afraid of being killed so said nothing.

PRINCESS DIANA SPENCER,... was murdered in a near foolproof plot, Diana attended the cloning center regularly, she thought they were zapping her into the 5th dimension, Diana was NOT very smart at all, one of the dumbest clones that I've met there, like drones there, Anyway, she used to sit there and watch me make songs, she was a camera ham, she used to come out of the crowd and say "sing a sung fowa mah Dun" looking straight faced, I said no I don't want to help you guys, she then proceeded to stab and cut me with a knife while I was chained vertical on an 8x8 wooden cross, she had NO way to entertain the crowd of celebs there, like Elizabeth, so it became her thing to interact with me... she clone tortured me multiple times, thinking she was the celeb of celebs, they were ALL watching her, she LOVED the attention,... anyway she'd stab me up, I'd make a song of ANY genre just to get the rotten thing away from me for one more night, sometimes Queen Elizabeth would join in. THEN... she started to dislike how they'd drug her clones and make her loopy and Prince Charles "friends" would assembly line sex her up. She left Charles as Charles was angry at how she was so promiscuous, (even though Charles was the same way and worse but he was "allowed") SO she left, was about to Marry an Arab named Dodi Fayad. The British Royal family hate arabs Muslims and blacks as a whole and they didn't want the marriage to take place. SO they had her driver,(a host or chiphead himself) go along with a plan, He took a different route through the tunnel where they crashed, she always took a specific way, that she felt safer driving in. Before the tunnel or after it is a bunch of lights on a hill, shaped like a triangle with one blue light in the middle, Illuminati symbol,... they went into the tunnel, an agent drove up alongside and shone the brightest light man can make into the side windows of the car, in case she survived and was talking this would be an excuse for the driver if he survived, as to why he swerved, he claims to have no memory of the crash, but he does... she lived though and got into an ambulance, but that was signing her death certificate as the hospital was only waiting to finish her off, Unknown what the actual cause of death was but they "said" it was an injection of a high concentration of salt, it's near undetectable and has been done many times. The Illuminati had me make a song about it like nearly 10 years ago, and they released this song 10 years after her death,.. it is her death song, it's not all about Diana only, it is about me her and Elizabeth. I'll explain the song in the following comments. She was not the humanitarian you think she was,... she was only into childrens charities to get on Camera, she loved being in the enquirer it was her stage,... she was not a nice person I assure you.

White Lies - Bigger Than Us

This song is her death song I was forced to make. Diana's last last words were it was my ex husband Charles. BUT leading up to the crash...... she noticed the driver had gone a different route home, she looked up and yelled "you took the tunnel road home!, you've NEVER taken that way with me before!!! (then calmly) did you feel the need for change?" He said "yes,well I thought some different scenery." She Interrupted and said I don't pay you to think I pay you to drive!, If you ever do something like this again you will be replaced." He said "Alright" then crashed.

now why the video is cryptic in spots and doesn't seem to make sense... Each time Diana would hurt me as clones badly I would be a delirious mess, and she would do the same thing each time... cry as if she was sad about how much pain I was in,... she said she loved me and she was sorry... it was a practiced scripted thing it seemed, same thing each time,... I told her she was ugly and I didn't know why people held her on such a high pedestal, with her bulgie eyes and her nose was bigger than Prince Charlses lol,... she grabbed my face and dug her fingernails into my cheek and started to tear my face apart pulling it off, her fingertips literally through my cheek and her enraged, embarrassed I had the "gall" to speak about her in such a way especially with everyone watching at the zone.the actual video is a reference to when Drew Barrymore and I were helping with the movie E.T... role playing there to come up with script lines... they do that a lot... it doesn't say like intermittent radio waves,... I said like internet OR radio waves... even then I was biding my time until I could inform on the internet and any radio outlet I could find.... I could not wait!!!!

sing a song for me Don.anyway... second verse... Queen Elizabeth brought me to a different cloning center once.... I was naked there, everyone else had clothing, that is a Nazi psychological ploy to make people look at you as less than human and not care about what happens to the person as their indecent or something, people just want the naked person gone... its weird... ANYWAY in this place, an arena too, but a WHOLE bunch of people from a specific religion (that I won't mention the name of) they believe in torturing animals and people for the glory of their fake God, the more the animal or human screams the more their God likes it... anyway this night they were torturing horses,... and the things were screamin... everyone sitting around was getting aroused by this, Elizabeth thought I'd like it or something, treated me like her little pet doggie naked guy sitting right next to her in the stands, watching these horses get cut up slowly...I was only there once... I called them a bunch of retarded losers and they brought me back to the regular clone center and tortured me bad... I was memory suppressed at the time, and all I knew in my real body was that I wasn't having any dreams and was waking up sick for some reason a lot,.. I'm very healthy and went to the hospital a few times, nothing, I started thinkin I had a terminal disease or something, but it was side effects of clone torture. 

album cover for this song... clones

Diana Spencer was a rotten whore and I wish she was still alive so that I could stomp on her wonky face. Sorry to ruin your illusions, but she was not what you think. that's that. 

she was probably a drone... she was mean as a motherfucker, do not presume to know... LOTS of people in the world think that the POPE is the personification of "goodliness" in the world! Does that mean you would let him babysit your kids for the weekend???

she used to torture people at the cloning center for a sick fascination and to show off for the celebrity clones there,... "oh you think your evil? hmmm? oh I can be a dreadful evil as well if I want to be she'd say" I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true. she was an opportunist... and she was partially retarded. A camera ham, she cared only for herself. She was an actor. Once she left Charles she had NO GIMMICK for the cameras... she would sit in a café, people would photograph her, BUT SHE HAD NOTHIN... it got old,... she needed a gimmick, a reason as to why these cameras were flashing, because the novelty was wearing off, SO she got into childrens charities, ONLY to use this venue as her new gimmick and claim to fame... Diana was a willing attendant of the cloning center for at least 10 years... and did what the rest of them did. She liked being surrounded by the celebrities. 

Melissa Hartman - She was a casualty...

Donald Marshall - you can assume what you want, the woman was insidious. Diana tortured the shit out of me to show off for like minded filthy scumbags, do not tell me that she was rainbows and sunshine.

Andres Uribe Benito - Didnt you mention his wife killed him?

Donald Marshall - yep, now there will be an investigation, she will be charged most likely and all to corroborate my story... lol like the Diana bright light in the car, like the royals being pedo's they'll probably open the pickton pig farm thing, just to make me look credible again and again...

Oriana Spratt - Is this true, Donald? Or is this her clone? ...Black attire for a wedding is very weird too:

Princess Diana Alive: seen at Prince William's Wedding!

Donald Marshall - might have been dead clone Diana

long time ago I said how they shined a light in through the window causing the crash... and people said nah... I dunno.... then (((BING))) the newspaper says bright light in the window,... confirmed murdered, guy that did it ran,... uh oh guy that did it committed suicide... well... thats that. Diana was a dirty bastard. I'm glad she is dead.

Eric Pete - Yeah, I remember hearing something about a 'bright light, and a mysterious white car' a few years back.

Donald Marshall - nah, the spotlight guy was on a motorcycle supposedly.


Donald Marshall - diana's kids look inbred

With how they broadcast the princess Diana death by bright light and all the other stuff they hint at it makes it look like I'm part of an illuminati plan... to manufacture a hero... I dont blame any of you for thinking that in the back of your heads, because I would think that too 1%... I'm not though... you'll see in the end...

Just that I'm looking from someone else's point of view at me, and I would have thought of,... and not ruled out that possibility.

Lupe Cortez - Princess Diana didn't stand a chance around the evil family!!! may she RIP!

Donald Marshall - I dint like Di... she was mean.

Lupe Cortez - REALLY? Donald,, she seemed so quiet and innocent,,, she did,,,

Donald Marshall - seemed.

Steve Stopford - Yes, the Windsors have a lot to answer for. Soldier's claim SAS 'ordered' to kill Princess Diana ups pressure for murder investigation

PRINCESS DIANA was murdered in a job carried out “to order”, the SAS soldier behind the claim told his wife.

Donald Marshall - definetely, she spoke to me personally, 2 feet from me, clone to clone

Celine O'carroll - Diana 'assassin' silenced in suicide mystery

Donald Marshall - drama, lol The Mysterious Deaths of Princess Diana, Jill Dando, SAS, British Intelligence, CIA Snoopers, William Hague and the VIP child-abuse connection

Donald Marshall - oh they're hot on the trail... lol

Fredrik Beckman - yeah like they dont know what happend! 

Donald Marshall - They know,..

The witness "flees", the plot "thickens" :O lol Princess Diana ‘Murder’ Probe: Key SAS Witness ‘Flees’ UK Before Questioning Sep 26

Philip Filonxo Lopes - Donald just wondering if you know anything about the band Whitehouse, if you want to call them a band. They are extremely disturbing and feature Diana in one of their vids where she is struggling to answer questions. I WOULDN'T encourage anyone to watch this video btw. It seems like something an evil government would make you watch whilst you had your eyes taped wide open. 

[I think this is the clip >>> Princess Diana - The Secret Tapes - 12]

Princess Diana - The Secret Tapes - 12

Donald Marshall - noise Diana looks like a malfunctioning robot... not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Philip Filonxo Lopes - Yeah she doesn't seem very sure of herself. I'm not even sure this could be classed as a song but if you look at their discography it just sounds like something a bunch of hosts came up with, titles like psycopatia sexualis, just like a cunt, the right to kill and wriggle like a fucking eel are just a few. Also one of the band members was convicted of pedophilia sooooo you know there's that too.

Donald Marshall - sounds like vrill host kinda stuff.

Anthony Shady - Iv here'd some shit bands b4 but they really do top the chart for being wank

Donald Marshall - Yeah, thats some random noise huh?

Sometimes dog's can sense a clone or host and freak out.

other animals too... Remember when the horse reared away from Prince William during the Olympic opening ceremonies? That horse died terribly... you won't find that horse anywhere now...

Celine O'carroll - did they tell you that there?

Donald Marshall - yep. They torture horses just to hear them screech sometimes... not clone horses, real ones. It's a torture religion sacrifice thingy.

That was supposed to be a trained horse,... it shouldn't have spooked like that, and it endangered William... that horse had a grisly end... they take out aggressions on animals too...

Like in Diana's death song,... "Bigger than us" "you went where the horses cry, you'd never taken that way with me before"... about a seperate cloning center Elizabeth had brought me to,... horses screaming all night... longer they screamed before they died, the more whatever bs god liked it. Torture sacrifice religion.

YEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Princess Diana ‘Killed By Bright Light Shone By Special Forces Soldiers Into Car She Was In’

Now... we will be free... Scotland Yard better stop taking their time...

finallyfinallyfinallyfinallyfinally.........looks like I may live through this after all...The longer Scotland Yard procrastinates, the worse it will look on them...

OH YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Princess Diana ‘Killed By Bright Light Shone By Special Forces Soldiers Into Car She Was In’

Donald Marshall - OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally... FINALLY!!!!

Carrie Stevenson - Isn't Camilla lovely, cough choke....

Donald Marshall - Cammy will pay...The longer Scotland Yard procrastinates, the worse it will look on them...

Philip Filonxo Lopes - Dear God another bullshit royalty movie....Wish they'd fuck off

Donald Marshall - OMG!!! LOL!!! I don't think they will include how the tramp used to sneak off to hotels to bang black dudes... lol She was a scumbag through and through. British government paid millions to get the photographs some guy got of her in one of these hotel rooms lol What a scandal,.. not really, she was just a pig. is anyone being held legally responsible? Bet the guy that goes to prison has a popped out eye and commits suicide. Cleans it up real its wayyyyy bigger than the investigators think it is.

Celine O'carroll -

Donald Marshall - Scotland Yard monitors my page, as do the CIA FBI and all the rest... they know what happened to Diana.

Jana Vera Greasley - Get one in for Lady Di

Donald Marshall - Nah I actually like it that they offed Di... I hated her and don't miss her... Di was not what you think she was.

oh boggah....

looks loike sheh gut boggah'd innie oi by one o dem crubnusteh's...

they will often reverse the picture for magazines and tv,... to make it look like their right poppy eye is on the left now... and when they get pictures taken they will use light shading and angles to hude the bulge...In picture 1 and 2 of Diana here it is her right eye... but in the third here it is her left ^^^^ They do this with many celeb parasite hosts.

Sonya Goodman Maples - sneaky bastards

Donald Marshall - oh they're sneaky lol... thats puttin it lightly. if you think THAT was sneaky... JUST WAIT until you hear who actually shot John F Kennedy LMAO!!!

Celine O'carrol - Prince Charles and Mohamed Al Fayed contacted by police assessing SAS soldier’s claims that Diana was murdered

Donald Marshall - Tales been told. No investigation necessary, ill tell em all about it. And they know it...

Bronny Dolphin - the people coming forward are very brave....

Donald Marshall - Ha, they're brave now... Everyone at cloning is getting braver now that Don said Vrill and spilled the beans about the rem cloning thing... It's not the same at cloning now...

Stanley Washam - New information huh? 

Donald Marshall - They better be talkin about me hahahahahahahaha!!!!! I hope so anyway. You took the tunnel road home, you've never taken that way with me before,... did you feel the need for change.'

White Lies- Bigger Than Us Lyrics

Scutlund Yahhhd maght beh untuh meh laddie's. OH BOGGAH! Woggie wog wog, worgle wuggie wog wog?

Vince Marra - diana was only normal one she wasnt a hybrid like her husband family right? she was 100% non shape shifter human correct?...just so were clear

Donald Marshall - I'm not certain,... she acted more like a drone than Charles though,... very very dumb.

Laurence Mountford - i didnt like her hair, it seemed snooty

Donald Marshall - Seemed like a white woman's afro more likely lol, she could have hid a handgun in that mess.

This is princess Diana's death song they made me make back then... Listen for now and ill explain in a bit.

White Lies- Bigger Than Us Lyrics

David Cohee - At some point below you said that you had to put Diana's last words into the song, but you never pinpointed them.

Donald Marshall - Yeah I'm slack lol... Ill detail but its not really important, she wasn't nice like everyone thinks anyway. Ill detail the whole song, there's a story behind it.

I'm going to detail the death of Princess Diana again so people know exactly what happened and why... They even made me make a song containing her last words... I will explain it all. It's a lot of typing though so be patient.

Diana wasn't as nice as everyone thinks she willingly went there for a while,... she was a big camera hound too, but played reverse psychology saying she didnt like the spotlight. Wasnt a paparrazzi in the tunnel. I told all about how she died in older posts, they told me all about it as clones years ago when I was still memory suppressed. Donald Marshall yeah had a guy on a motorcycle they said with the brightest light known to mankind which could only power on for like 7 10 seconds before burning out the battery, they had the guy shine it through the window and said humans swerve away from bright light when driving instinctually so they hit the divider but she lived, then the ambulance people or hospital people finished her off in some way, they have many many operative members in hospitals, it is vast,... there are many cloning centers, underground,... I only usually go to the above ground one Elizabeth is in all the time, and the richie celebs, but the other cloning centers get video feeds from the above ground one and watch too...

diana didnt wanna goto cloning anymore,... they used to drug her into a lucid state and she would be more receptive to having sex with people there,... used mk ultra on her to make her see someone else's face like brad pitt, when its an old man friend of charles's,... she was going to marry an arab and didnt want to attend cloning anymore and had threatened to tell the world in a press conference if they didnt stop bringing her there... so elizabeth n charles gave the ok to off her.

Annamaria Dienes - was diana cloned back from egypt royals?

Donald Marshall - YOUNG MUMMAY BAYBEH!!!!... Not sure where Diana came from.

Katie Hipp - Don remember the interview w princess Diana where she says, " the royal family is not human" was Diana at the cloning center and tortured?

Donald Marshall - No she wasn't tortured. She tortured others sometimes. She wasn't the rainbows and butterflies like people think. She was a camera ham but pretended to hate the cameras. She was only into children's charities to remain in the public eye doing something. I hated her. I do regret she's dead for one reason. Now ill never get to punch the bitch in the face.

Katie Hipp - OMG...LOL I love you, you're hillarious!!!

Donald Marshall - She was down with them just fine until her n Charles split because she was running around on him a lot. Then she wanted out. She did as they did when she was there back then

No seriously not jokin I hated that bitch.

Katie Hipp - YEP... nothing is as it seems....... kill the TV. It's all B

Donald Marshall - I wrote about how they offed her... They told me all about it in detail as clones.

Katie Hipp - So then.... did she die?

Donald Marshall - They thought I was loyal back then. And I was memory suppressed. They told me like everything... Trying to brag about how powerful they are what techs they have what they can do.

She's dead yep.

Sacrilege Sanctum Why did she not let Charles become king and Diana Queen?

Donald Marshall - Well... um.... Diana was a promiscious whore... for lack of a better term... and Elizabeth didn't want to give up the crown...

Celine O'carroll -

Donald Marshall - look closely at the crown there... notice how under the fleur de lis on the top, those 252 looking bars crusted with diamonds? their half of a swastika...


officiated at Satanic rituals at Glamis Castle in Tayside, Scotland, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, who still owns the property, and also at Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence. The Brotherhood obsession with Scotland, she said, was because there are many entrances there into the inner-Earth where the physical reptilians live"

Donald Marshall - Yep, what they did here with her was... told her it was a special meeting, then brought her to a room, injected her with a supposed mild sedative to keep her calm, it was knock out juice, THEN meanwhile at the cloning center, they activated her mark 2 R.E.M driven clone and used mk ultra visualizations on her to make her believe she was at the castle still and not a clone at the time, they did wierd rituals to her clone, She thought she was in her real body at the time, didn't know she was a clone, and when she woke up she was undamaged and couldn't explain what had happened.

Question - Donald, did they clone Princess Diana???xxxx

Donald Marshall - Yes, wrote about it a few times in older posts. 

Question - I wonder if her character was killed off who is she now??? Hummm???

Donald Marshall - she was re-animated but all she did was cry, so they "discontinued" her. Allowed her consciousness to escape. Supposedly anyway, lol never know with them... I havent seen her there.


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2016

    How come they haven't terminated you for exposing their secrets? This smell fishy like you are arming a fan conspiracy against Diana. It seems to me that you are the one looking for attention.

  2. If you are there as bad clone don then maybe you only met the bad mk ultra version of diana


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