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Project Pegasus & Groundhog Days (Timewaves)

Donald Marshall - Quantum hopping,... Yet another reason why the celebs won't talk... Would just get groundhog day'd and killed. I didnt even wanna talk about the hadron colliders as its so star trek its hard to fathom the tech could exist... And then with cloning and vrill lizards and droning,... Would endanger my mission to add even more crazy tech they have.

Question - So once you get that big record deal then it leads to conditions ?

Donald Marshall - They are then slaves,... Their future children included in the deal too,... But once they lose the shine to their star or get old they just let them go or sacrifice them,... If let go they NEVER talk,... Because (get ready for unbelievable part). Even if they go on national tv and blab the whole thing,... They will use the Hadron collider to collide protons, (project pegasus) which will BLAP the day back to the last time they collided protons, JUST like the movie groundhog day with Bill Murray,... Back to the previous day... And then just kill them somehow before they can make that press conference again.... Sounds retarded I know but thats what colliding protons does,... One of the functions... Pretty foolproof security. BUT they can only do that 9 times... 9 timewaves they call it.... Any more and a black hole will appear in the center of the earth and swallow the solar system... On the 10th time definetely, on 9th its still risky,... They did it to me many times when I exposed vrill,... Put it back and tortured me bad that night, sayin dont do it again,... Id just do it again,... Then they'd collide protons again, that night do it again dont do it,... I just did it again.... Until timewave zero when they HAVE to go with what happens or black hole... They made a song about it, about me fighting through the timewaves, (groundhog days) You don't know the ordeal Ive gone through to expose this stuff... 

Grendel : Timewave Zero (Official Music Video)

They all thought uit was incredible how I would just keep going next day,... But they only usually risk the day do over like 8 times... But it was bad... And it messes up peoples clocks all over the world,... Forward or back a minute for almost all clocks... I dunno why. Proton colliders do other stuff too but I only know about the groundhog day thing. The Grendel video has all kinds of refwerences to me and the apocalypse... References to how they think I'm new age jesus and all... Mk ultra mental visualizations, chips in the heafd all kindsa stuff... And at the end it shows how I'm going to need a new heart if I survive... Watch it, I made the song too while therte [at the cloning centers] as a clone. At 4:36 it shows how they want me to die and be reanimated as a dead consciousness clone.

theres a thing...I do with visuals to assist me in making songs there [at the cloning centers] sometimes...its crazy, They put it in a video, the type of stuff I visualize sometimes...makes it easier. you can make graphs and equalizers in visuals and move stuff, its really amazing... I'll pop vid... it shows me poppin a chip on my tongue, like a brain chip n doin mk... 'll get it. MANY references in this vid. more than most...Russian band. at 150, mk chip goes in...

Tracie Eden Mcenroe - so they can replicate a video of say your argh want for a better word that what you made through your mind/

Donald Marshall - yep, I helped make this [Grendel : Timewave Zero Music Video]. listen to the background voices.... tells ya... fully formed cyber beings. at4:38 it shows how the illuminati want me to agree to have an aneurysm and get re-animated after death in a super clone body, top of the line, big strong and with beneficial implants... no thank you has bodysnatching in it, has groundhog day mini reference in it, then at the end, shows that I'll need an artificial heart, but then the apocalypse happens anyway...

Collider has been used hundreds of times. First collision sets the start date... Then day or 2 later if they collide again they go back, whole universe goes back to the original collision... But people with chips in their heads recall the erased day, some others get deja vu but thats all... They do it with lotsa stuff for many applications. .they collide protons and theennn. If tila goes on tv and tells all about cloning n lizards with a vrills dead body and everything and people freak out panic in the streets,... Rioting, the queen is killed bad governments hung from lamp poles... The guys at the proton collider thing just slam protons again.... BANG. Were back to before Tila told all... Then they just kill Tila and problem solved... Thats how it works. Tila's televised speech never happens, no riots no nothing... Its a pretty reliable security feature. But they can only do it a max of 9 times... And usually only do it 8 because of the black hole risk... I had to fight through 8 timewaves a bunch of times getting retortured worse and worse each time while theyre trying to deter me from making original letter, exposing vrill and all... I took the pain and soldiered on,... I thought they could just keep doing it, i thought all was futile then, but found out after keeping going for a while they only do it for 8 timewaves...Made me half insane but info is out now... Now people have to spread it,... Or all is lost. Dont make me have had to go through all that for nothing.... I won't even describe what theey did to me,... Surgical procedures on my clones... I honestlyam now some kind of crazy, but anyone would be,... I maintain mental cohesion only to complete my mission. But its everyones mission, they just dont realize it yet. Vrill want drone world,... And China is only too glad to help, as long as China dont get droned,... Which they will be once all other countries are taken care of. Made the movie Groundhog day about it,

Theyre all terrified to talk,... BUT since I'm looking at re-animation and death after death after death anyway, I have nothing to lose,... Cant threaten my family theyre IN. It... Cant threaten my daughter, shes loyal to them now and hates me out of neccessity, and all mu friends are scared away,... Nothing to lose... Im the last hope.

"groundhog day" effect with the hadron/proton collider...maybe 1 day maybe more depends upon when the collider made the last slam. they have the option of doing a reset... its project pegasus...back to that slam...buuuut they can only do it like 7 times because 8 9 and 10 times in a row chance black holes appearing in the earth...seriously it is wild tech. i had to do my original letter like 5 or 7 times... it was ordeal I went through it to save all you people not in the know. don't allow me to have done that for nothing. it was a lot of pain. most crack... I didnt... had to warn the world... save others...I thought they could do the groundhog day effect indefinetely...I just kept going back and writing it out the next day again like stubborn and determined. learned they cant do pegasus over n over,...5th or 7th time they had to let my letter get finished and sent everywhere... 

its so secure, someone is gonna betray they talk and they use project pegasus to bounce time back a day with the hadron collider and then kill them... they can only do it 9 nine times, like movie groundhog day, on the 10th they risk causing a black hole in the center of the earth, 11 times definetely. I had a bad time fighting through the timewaves until timewave zero, when they have to let the wave go or black hole will occur,... it was an ordeal. it does other stuff too, but they groundhog dayed me many times trying to dissuade me... but it was too important for mr to give up. they slam the protons in the collider and thats the set redo spot in time.... if someone nukes or talks they slam again and time goes back to the original slam. then they go deal with the problem,... tried to clone torture me into compliance and threaten me with death but i kept doing it.... too important not too but it wore on my health people with chips have the previous timewave uploaded into their memory others are oblivious, but some get odd deja vu about the day. it messes up clocks... everyones clocks go back or forward randomly for some reason randomly... when testing it the idiots ran the risk of destroying the earth, but they just did it anyway.

pegasus is too hard to believe... i dont even wanna mention what it does... but if you've ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray... then... figure it out. has to do with time wave zero.... quantum hop. if i say theyll do it again. its not important just yet. we're back to timewave 10 now. basically......... blah....... nevermind....... theyll do it again. if they dont like what happens they can reset back a day... they can do this groundhog day thing 10 times... but then have to go with what happened. just like groundhog day.. they made that movie. 

Question - so 10 is the max times to be able to change something and if they dont get it then thats it?

Donald Marshall - yuh huh. wont even tell you what i had to go through...doesnt matter... i cant do it again ill have a heart attack for sure... 

Carey Yost - Is it possible we are in for another rewind Donald?

Donald Marshall - yes they dont like it when I talk about the time bouncy back thing its one of their fave techs and they reeeaaally didnt want me to tell people about it. \they wanted to keep it active as a catastrophe in event of big trouble... slam each week and if like a nuke happened,... go back and prevent it from happening. but then there would be major problems. someones mom would die in a car accident... they'd want time bounced back to the last proton slam to prevent the accident by not letting her leave the house that day everyone would want to do that for accidents and big death tolls and wars n such. the tech is being abused as nefariously as they can now...they are so incredibly'd have to see it to understand my friends...many things.

Carey Yost - Donald do you get any recall from bounce backs?

Donald Marshall - good question carey hmmm sec first time they bounce back, if you have a chip you get STRONG deja vu of everything all day...second time you know half of whats gonna happen all day third time you know the whole days events. much to it. they did it as a joke to me for 6 days. like the movie groundhog day. I was scared yes... thought I was stuck in a star trek time loop thing...then I decided to mess with my friends... because of course... you know whats gonna happen alllll day and yer hanging with them that day... you can tell them whats gonna happen...I did it too well... 

I've always heard them refer to the time bounce back as the groundhog day thing.

David Weir - Do vril have access to time travel?

Donald Marshall - illuminati just have the "Groundhog day" effect tech that I know of

I dont think they can go back or forward,... never showed me anyway,... just the project pegasus groundhog day thing they can do.

you won't read about that anywhere,... they say the pegasus thing is something different, like the camelot thing,... totally different than what the project actually is.

celebs dont trust each other to stick to it, united... also the illuminati have that groundhog day tech, to bounce back a day and kill the person before the press conference if need be, with the hadron colliders. not good.

Letter sounds a little erratic, I had to make it like 7 times lol... project pegasus groundhog day thing.

well then again, they mighta just pulled a groundhog day on them and killed em before they spoke out... techno time mafia LMAO, but theyre gay nerdy dumb people, you'd think they were like cool and prevent badness from happening, but it's the opposite.

I fought through 7 groundhog days with them messing me up bad each night,... it sucked, lizards bitin me, all kinds of methods, lol each night I'd say ok, ok guys I'm sorry, I won't write it I'll join ya,... they said no damage done, welcome to the club right? lol next day mailing letter again,... n go to sleep that night, get messed up bad... promised them I wouldn't send it around,... said theres no hope,... next day I still mailed it lol sick as hell, but it was like defiance, AND I thought they could do the groundhog effect thing indefinitely, so I was hoping they got bored re-doing the entire day again and let me mail... however they only do it max I think 7 times, because at 9 or 10 of them it has the possibility of creating a black hole in the Earth.

that's what that timewave zero song is about,... band is "Grendel" fighting through seven timewaves of badness, they COULD have just killed me, but I detailed why they don't want in older posts

when they get to timewave zero,... they have to go with whatever happens if it still happens and they can't prevent it,.. confusing I know, it involves tech concerning those proton colliders... hadron collider. Project Pegasus does a couple things, I don't even know all it does, they wouldn't tell me.

Project Pegasus, colliding protons and using fibre optic cables, info over fiber optics travels at or near speed of light. Will explain at the end. Too confusing, I told about it in a nutshell before on the wall... I don't want the nuts to use it again. "Groundhog Day" lol ever see that movie? I hate that movie HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! like bad.

I can't get into Pegasus, I won't survive a new series of timewaves... People know what I'm talking about, if they read what I posted before.

then theres the proton collider thing...another obstacle... I hate that thing. supposedly the hadron colliders are not operational right now, but probably somewhere one is. 

collides protons in a freaky science thing. does more than they say it does. not a stargate, it forces protons in a circular rotation and when they collide it makes a whacky thing happen.

Moiz Khan - what have they planned for december 21st [2012]?? Does it has any link with it? or was it just to make a box office hit?

Donald Marshall - they told me several things years ago, then told me ither disinfo recently, Before they told me that they were going to use the Hadron colliders to smash protons (project pegasus stuff) at the same time as the planetary alignment, to get antimatter somehow (free energy) and supposedly to somehow directly commune with the creator of the universe lol (they're inbred retarded) it could cause a black hole to form inside the Earth swallowing the solar system and surrounding systems, lil risky,

it does other stuff too. Unknown all the applications... it can supposedly transmute elements too.

Gettin info out with them usingthe proton collider setback groundhog day thing, i didnt even mention it, thought it would be too unbelievable,... Sojust did it again and again, but can only do it 89 times lol Told me at first they could just continually do it when I was originally messaging the midd;e east a lot... Cuz they hate muslins so figured they’d be not illuminati lol, then when too many knew to be cloned blasted on FB Didn’t include vrill info at first either, cuz cloning stuff was hard enough 2 understand... They really didn’t want me to tell about Vrill lizards though. Too late.

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Illuminati Tech: Project Pegasus & Groundhog Days (Timewaves)


  1. You don't know how many times ive had that repetitive day thing at night. Over and over the same day as well. I also some days when awake awake that I know what's about to happen. And the lizards bite me as well. Also my body is not doing well. My heart brain lungs and then the constant nausea

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2016

    God has a special place for those people. I pray for all of you.

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2016

    The thing I don't understand is that they have all this highly advanced technology, but they use and torture humans to write songs for them? why not artifical intelligence? why would they body snatch someone and have to live someone elses life when they can put their consciousness on a robot that looks identical to a human being?


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