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Queen Elizabeth & Elton John

Donald Marshall - Can't die without telling you all this one.... sec. Poor Elton. Lol

Queen Elizabeth IS Elton John... You do not need to be dead to have a flawed version of your consciousness,... They can double up and copy as many chips with the recording as they want... The consciousnesses are independent of each other and the memories of these doubles is uploaded to the original person each night. Many have done this and I will detail. For some reason the person you implant the chip into has to be your specific biological body "type"... This is why they usually look like the person or looks like a close relative... Elizabeth is more of a monster than you ever realized... Killed Elton John a long time ago because she wanted to enjoy life as a man... Continued in comments ...

This hideous hag has bodysnatched many using the chip implantation technology, as a kid at the cloning center I made many songs for "Elton" and Elizabeth thought I was infinitely loyal and there was no POSSIBLE WAY this little gutter snipe could EVER cause her to concern for her evil empire... Even in future if I'd told anyone they wouldn't believe me... And they could just kill me if there was any trouble... Can't kill me now!!! HAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Thanks in part to all of you reading!!! Ill detail this practice more.

Elizabeth and Vladamir Putin are the biggest camera hams in the world... The worst,... Elizabeth would find a good looking young woman (of her type which is hard to find good looking prospects from) then have her implanted with the her recorded consciousness chip... In a hospital or somewhere mental institution somewhere. They have many ways. She would then get a credit card with a million bucks on it and a gun and it would whore it's way across the UK or US going from nightclub to nightclub, hotel to hotel, on a free for all run of disgusting debauchery,... Usually ends when someone made her angry and she would pull out the gun and pull a murder suicide.

Now she remembers vividly every detail, the sex the "fun" the attention... Gets uploaded to her and she remembers the events clearly as if it were something she had do e yesterday from her real body (her anchor body)

It's a little confusing so I thought I'd add this at the end but if my heart gives out tomorrow I would really regret not exposing this... Many have done this... Serial killing sprees suicide bombers this n that.

They have zero regard for human life and do this for sport,...

Katie Wright Whale Song - when the chip is placed into the victim do they die..or does their consciousness remain and become over shadowed by the chip personality? When the chip is not activated does the body of the victim go into a coma? How does it work?

Donald Marshall - Total donation, no coming back, chip has to be in a certain part of the brain, but they're constantly upgrading the technology and have hinted to me that the chips can be put anywhere in the body and they can just link to brain via the minute electrical current that runs through people's bodies naturally...

They got a lot of tech. Don't get the chip ever.

She's been also Elton John for over 20 years. Dual existence, consciousnesses independent of each other.

Katie Wright Whale Song - so the invader..the entity that takes over via a chip inherits all the talents of the original?

Donald Marshall - Can access most memories,... If the person has a good voice for singing then they just use that voice. With minor training they can reproduce the same quality of singing that the original could manage.

Al Vin - That's why he's always been comfortable being known as the queen, ha ha, all makes sense now!

Donald Marshall - There's more... 

I don't feel good in the chest now, don't know how long the ticker will last so I have to accelerate my plan.


  1. I need help and need to know more. I have been drugged and chipped in mental institution. I woke up 4 days later. It's been 13 years. I have so much going on I need help understanding. I've read just about everything on here and I still do not understand what they have done to me.

    1. I suggest sharing your story with Don via private message or on here:

    2. Was the Queen mother also involved in all of this? She always gave off creepy feelings whenever i looked at her. Elizabeth does too, but the Queen mother always made me shudder.

  2. Yes, many thanks for this cutting edge knowledge. This awareness, although incredibly confusing, is the NEW paradigm.. meaning the origin and works of all evil are connected to the cloning phenomena. I personally believe there was cloning going on in the antediluvian world (destroyed by a huge war 13, 50o some years ago), all the cloning centers are probably on or near the sites of the original chimera/mythic animal-human hybrids etc.
    Sana v'Ritzvha, Non Citizen US National

  3. Don ..We are TRYING to get out the info .

  4. I heard about this too from someone else and you just confirmed it .

  5. sonner or later they will blame Muslim for cloning lol

  6. I am still a little overawed by all this, yet I believe Donald ... even though it is hard to believe that dear sweet old queen is a monster! Plus the digi tech to control our 'spirit'? We have a silver cord that connects us to the Higher, so how can they capture our non physical self against our free will? ... Evil and a complete disrespect to GOD ... thank you Donald.

  7. Ya I been checking Into these theory and belive. I'm from Bermuda and she is my so called queen

  8. Ive always wanted to kill Elton John......please let me!

  9. Was it still Elton playing the piano or singing? how does it work Don?

  10. Was it still Elton playing the piano or singing? how does it work Don?


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