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Queen Elizabeth Hates Kids

Donald Marshall (Fri. July 27, 2012) - no one resists repeated clone death maybe once or twice but no one withstands aaand everyone cries,... musclebound guys to kids tears every one elizabeth loves it you have no idea the face that comes on the hag she gets turned on by it seriously sexually turned on by screaming and suffering especially kids lil kids she HATES kids like hates them cuz theyre cute happy playful

she was funny looking as a kid biiig round head her old photos are airbrushed like back when airbrushing was new lol they made her hed more narrow lol aaand ok round head and the EARS!!! she hates her ears its why she had the same hairstyle for 60 years to hide the dumbo monkey ears theyre huge and stick straight out its comical and ever wonder why her eyes were so peeled back then? always way open like she was surprised or on coke or something she had the same droopy eyelids charles got with like bad red line veins all through it was wierd looking half closed eyes on her, even young looked wierd and she kept them peeled at all times in public when she could I so hope she is brought to justice before she dies of old age 

she plans to record her consciousness on a chip at the last day she has in her main body then insert the chip into a poor unfortunate person and take em over like vrill lizards do they can do that with the chips too its rampant old people dying all over coming back bodysnatched undead chipheads its bad they come back evil gay child molesters that eat people shouldnt be much change for her but worse she deserves the worst death and even deserves repeated death by cloning in the worst ways


  1. Why aren't these ppl just okay with dying?The afterlife is beautiful.Your soul on a chip is beyond creepy.The Queen looks scary as fuck.

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  3. I'm sure the kids hate her more than she hates them!It has to hurt for her to look in the mirror - Mirror mirror on the wall,who's the evilest of them all?

  4. I was under the impression she loved kids! ....Kids blood, Raw kids, kids on a Popsicle and her favorite...a gifted child... Free children always taste better!


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