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Queen Elizabeth & Mila Kunis

Donald Marshall (Wed. April 25, 2012) - UPDATE---> Well they got me last night bad, Elizabeth had me in a small room just off the concourse of the main arena of the cloning center, said so I'm a pig-faced smelly hag am I? smiling at me. I said "yes you are among many other things a child murderer a drunk a senile pervert and a remarkable pathetic loser" all said with a straight face, I was chained to a black wooden cross, upright on a wooden base, been there many times, she leaned in and bit me on my cheek growled and shook her head around like a dog, then grabbed my testicles and crushed them in her hand slowly, all the while shaking her retarded fat head around, snarling wierdlike. Trying to look evil for the others in the auditorium who don't even like her, I couldnt breath or scream just seized up couldn't curl up into a fetal position, was chained hand and foot to the cross,... then she let go and left the room laughing saying something I missed, was too hurt to register it. Then Phil Reece came into the room, said oh Donny she's furious, as if she has a right to be. I said leave me alone retard in a messed up voice, could barely talk, he said you called us heathen filthy perverts Donny, you said god hates us and your talking about us too much, I shrugged said its true and I have no choice but to talk about this, he started punching me, face head body just kept going then he had a bat and was literally smacking me in the face with it,... all went black, Ah I was whole again and in the main arena in a new clone, still shaky and messed up from the last death, couldn't walk or talk good for a while, when I could, my mother and the Cohoons (her married in family) were talking to me from the front row, just behiond the hockey boards, saying so Donny were a bunch of Gaolers are we? (Gollers Incestious pedophile perverts) The Cohoons think theyre celebrities themselves there just because they know me. Think I'm theyre link to the stars at the cloning center, so they were talking down to me for a while, the celebs don't even like them, they told them themselves, they think theyre some of the grossest human beings there are for selling me out theyre own relative (married in) the celebs like to think well yeah I do scummy stuff at the cloning center but at least I'm not like one of those Cohoons. The Cohoons came out and attacked me Gordon Tom and Tony ,brothers, step father and 2 step uncles, smashed me all up bad for "insulting" they're good name and including them in the letter which theyve done before. Then all went black again and I was on that cross in the main arena now, whole body again, and who was looking at me when my vision cleared MILA KUNITZ!!! Actress from that 70's show, "Go on Mila" Elizabeth said... Miss Kunitz was shaking and looking down, I said what the hell do you want you scummy little whore? Oh you gonna hurt me? what a surprise. She said I'm mad at how you said I look like a ring tailed lemur, saying my eyes are huge in your letter" I said yes I did and whatcha gonna do? your eyes are abnormally large yes and I included you in the letter because you hurt me WHILE I was writing it. So too bad bitch go back to your home planet, She brought a bat up and pointed it at my face, I said " oh my a bat" she was shaking as if she didn't think it was right, then Elizabeth said "Mila!" and she started smashing me with it vertically, hit right above the forehead then top of head top of head, and she kept going, all went black. Elizabeths ugly pig face apperaed then, around her head cleared and she said smugly, were not afraid Dun, we will be bringing you here for the rest of your life you will make the new songs or you will be tortured." I said nothing, was too dizzy and messed up from the hurt before, she said just kidding Dun, this was a grand finale smiling, were not bringing you heya anymore, your boring anyway, stop talking about us or we will bring you back for more. My hearts weak today. Help me spread that letter my friends or I am going to die. DOC2 (document part2) will be coming very soon.

they want me alive to possibly keep me going there for songs and torture, they can't shut down my facebook, they say there its free speech and no one will believe me, well thats what they DID say, most believe me now, they WERE gonna take out my fb but said no one will believe me, then they did and they said its too late anyway. They threaten to kill me all the time, but said I've done too much to be killed, I said all this in the letter g they aint gonna kill me they say, and the only thing that seems to bother them and scare them is me mailing the letter and the upcoming DOC2.

takes hours of consistant torture to kill someone dead in real life,... they had to cut up Bernie Macs guts for 4 or 5 hours before he had an aneurysm the next day,... they get me for half hour at a time, then talkie talk then hurts then talkie talk, make a song and get no torture, make them,... you would too... ever heard of Nazi tooth torture? it's not good. I think theyre just trying to make me think theyre not concerned with the letter spread, but they are, theyre frantic... and tell me when I make DOC2 they may have to kill me.

different people suffer different effects from clone torture, common are heart trouble (me) similarities to syndromes like aspergers or adhd add different things, some peoples liver quivers, they even put that in a song somewhere. They can mess ya up in lots of ways, David Thorpe this is all true most know it's true, why don't you? Told you my nephew is speaking out about them too at the right time, I'm asking people to give me and others low level members and then high ups polygraph tests, I'm constructing DOC2 which will be so long it will take days with my limited library computer access it will contain the names of everyone I have ever seen there what theyve done there to people as clones and in real life and other things theyve done technologies they have that do wierd stuff,... other than that what the hell else CAN I do, I'm a poor 36 year old man with no connections against the richest and most powerful people in the world, in the biggest most powerful corrupt cult the world has ever seen. I have no choice but to inform the world about them. Theyre torturing me, you'd understand if they clone stabbed you even once David. I have no choice, the only thing they fear is the populace knowing about it and polygraph tests. The police and Rcmp high ups all go there, theyre loyal to the crown... someone help me. It's true. it's all true and theres much more... it'll be a long letter , just the names alone will be pages. But you all will know everything I know. A lot of content. even though just the pickton murders should do em in. Some rich people went to picktons house and ate some pieces of the hookers on a barbeque just to see what human flesh Real human tastes like, because they have it igrained into theyre heads that to be evil is cool so the nerds walk around trying to talk like gothic vampires all dark and mysterious and evil n stuff, theyre rich and politically powerful cowardly perverts hiding in the shadows messing with cloned people and children,... makes em feel powerful, oooh evil slavemaster,... its just a technological advantage they use against people, no defence against it, no way to get caught, pedophiles paradise, seriously, and it must be stopped,... if I die writing DOC 2 continue to spread awareness about cloning guys, worlds only hope. Seriously I know it sounds heavy but it's true this is the time. Do something soon or be slaves to them forever, they can clone nearly anyone. People with Riley Day syndrome cant be cloned for some reason, wish I had that syndrome.

dont waste your time thinking reptiles demons or aliens, its just cloning, they LIKE people talking about the other stuff, even throw some bs out in movies and stuff to keep people thinking of the possibilities, make em think anything as long as its NOT cloning, don't have em asking questions about that. This is happening in the physical Dawnatilla, it's a place small sports arena, with small dome (I call it the diddle dome) they hate that, its isolated and I don't know the location, but Steven Harper does, along with many others,... half them there don't know where it is, just get cloned in as they call it. Speilberg goes there knows about me even talked to me about movies there and stories, because of all the songs, they started thinking I would be good at other things, everyone wanted to meet me there. If I couldnt help them or give em a good idea or story or song, they would literally torture me in different ways while the others watched, some cry some puke some laugh some masterbate, its bad and someone has to do something, they do lotsa other stuff, in real life too, then watch the evil video at the cloning center as clones... spread the truth about them to the four corners of the earth.

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