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Queen Elizabeth: People Leaving & Not Participating

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - not many want to get me now,... Elizabeth will have no reason to speak or be seen doing anything if I'm not there,... she has nothing to offer a gathering like that,... no way to entertain , thats what she uses me for,... also once I go others will follow, almost everyone wants to leave, but others have left and had their lives ruined, Elizabeth and them weasel into a persons life gets them fired from their jobs, tax problems, anything they can do...


Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Sometimes someone will say they dont want to participate or doesnt want their daughter or son messed with and they want out,... Others agree,... They will start to degrade the ringleaders life in any way possible to discourage others from talking that way... Bring him back for private mental manipulation therapy as clones... Weasel into his and his wifes life in any way possible, get them fired, Impersonate them as clones to the rest of their family members and turn them against them in dramatic ways. Get them fired from their jobs, and privately will continue to bring the kid there and mess that kid up bad, causing the kid to act erratic in real body and not know why (memory suppressed about clone time) Give them childrens aid trouble if possible, anything and everything, and they videotape what they do,... And show others there, look this guy wanted out.... Then Elizabeth says in an official voice, we are worse than the Italian mafia and you dont leave the Italian mafia... Its the goofiest thing. But every once in a while they feel the need to make a new example of someone... When people talk about it they get killed or rendered mentally disabled remotely... I'm amazed I'm still alive actually.

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