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Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip: Missing Children Case

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - it's off the scale of perversion... He and Elizabeth like to strangle children... Cloned and real... Thats what they used to do with the native children that dissapeared... Would strangle them and watch them die... Sometimes Phillip would crush their testicles in his other hand while he choked the kid... Kid tied up... And when you say that sounds unbelievablle and how could someone do that,... I have to say I don't know why they did and do this... Phillip has told me at the cloning center he is worried because in the nostradamus prophecies it says the Duke of Scotland will be punished by being dunked in a well by his own people in a nightshirt or something.... They very much believe in the prophecy and Phillip thinks in future he will be drowned 1in a well once this is all brought to light.

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