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Queen Elizabeth: Should We Be Burned?

Donald Marshall (Tue. June 25, 2013) - Last night at the cloning center I said Elizabeth and the prime evils that run the place deserve to be burned at the stake on live TV until they are dead for everything they've done. Elizabeth asked if I would support her in her claim of only being complicit due to fear of Vrill. I said "No". They then deactivated my clone, and reactivated it and I was tied to a post in the same old arena. Smelled gasoline and was standing on wood, knew what was about to happen, but since I hadn't been harmed there in a while I thought they were just trying to scare me. But nope... Elizabeth said "Think carefully Dun... should we be burned?" I said "you should be tortured with medical procedures for weeks until your stank ass dies." She walked over with a red barbeque lighter and ignited the gas soaked wood under my feet. Scream scream scream, and the retards just sat there in the crowd and watched... blank stare. It lasted a long time, They burned me 3 times before, once on lowered pain sensors. 2 times chained to an 8x8 wooden cross. Clone died, wake up in bed sick, headache and I can't hang around n post today. What's the word?.... feel.... dreadful.