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Queen Elizabeth & Vril

Donald Marshall - Ok, Elizabeth is a kid gets introduced to English side Vrill that they falled fey or fairies and a couple other things... The royalty met them centuries ago and them and other groups have kept them alive and secret as a technological edge back in the day... Magical things they thought centuries ago... Anyway.. Elizabeth does not want to be droned hersself having met them, her parents are down ith this dark occult thing with the scariest thing in the shes scared into loyalty cuz exposin em is death or droning yourself..... So....Then at end of WW2 she is cloned into a place, a german place... And hitler and his nazis want a way out ...Well if they dont get a way out they will torture her to a heart attack or something and so yeah, they had to come to a compromise, this is what they told me years ago. Said that the nuremberg bodies, except for a few that were hanged, they said they were mark 1 clones... The only ones they had but they are also REM driven... Mark 3 n 4 clones just walk around all the time. But they only had mark one then,... So then elizabeth met the german vrills lol I saw a video, she walked up in a ringlike place cloning place and tried to talk to it in the vrill words she knew and it lol was like insulted and lunged at her like flinched at her, wasnt exact same language lol and different color. But yeah then they were all in on it together.. Most people there are scared into it from a young age. So some try to be extra evil as evil "cool" people are safer, they will be safe too and be evil So theyre talkin like since they were scared into it at a young age saw no hope of escape and went faking being evil doing evil stuff that they will be punished unjustly as they had no alternative to be evil and follow suit in the death cult. .

the Windsor's are one family that helped lizards in the past, through the centuries certain families were friends to Vrill, back to the middle ages and beyond, Vrill lizards would bring up gold and gems from the depths and people like the Danish kings would trade with them and keep them a secret. Some like Vlad Tepovich (Vlad the Impaler) were very nice to Vrill, helping them drone humans and get humans for food. Elizabeth is supposedly descended from Vlad Tepovich... some bloodlines used to inject themselves with lizard blood with primitive syringes in medieval times thinking they'd get power, someone died from it back then, rich occultist baron or something, but the bloodlines are just lucifarian taught inbred people sometimes secretly cannibals, its part of the lucifarian doctrine... but most of them arent droned. They can't morph from lizard to human and back, thats just a myth and a myth they like to foster as it throws people off the truth.


  1. We worry for you Don . Evil things

  2. she is a lizard herself

  3. when are they coming out and telling the truth can't live under these lies anymore


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