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Queen Elizabeth Wants The World To End

Donald Marshall (December 2013) - [Queen] Elizabeth WANTS the world to end,... wants nukes to fly, she has a luxury base to hang out in... stole a buncha German gold and spent it to fill it full of nice stuff... and cloning tubes and genetic samples to "make" friends. Pope is very angry at the loss of this gold.

At the cloning center I'm trying to have them all stand down,... Elizabeth is trying to keep tensions high, and wants everything destroyed... doesnt want to be found out. Doesnt care about her people, country... only herself,... she's not close toCharles, Phillip or anyone... just self centered. Worst case of it I've ever seen. All the others atleast care for their kids, or a few friends... not her,... the royals are not a close family, they don't talk or get together, just for the cameras.


  1. I wonder what her grandchildren think of her?

  2. Sounds about right.


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