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Queen - Gimme The Prize

Queen - Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) (Lyrics)

Donald Marshall - When I was 5 and at cloning I didn't know it was cloning... I thought I'd been kidnapped and I would be killed. I thought I was in my real body as most do when first there and not in the know... Then they told me various things over the years, that it was another dimension... that it was the astral plane, body teleportation from your bedroom... they tell different people different things. The stands were always full and all the most powerful famous and rich people in the world, and there were other kids there. The kids were either used for sex or skills/talents, certain ones were run through different projects, project this project that. Some called themselve's super soldiers, some starseeds some this or that...(we'll get back to them later) There were people that were used to make songs, kids and adults, it was a game that was played... the make a song game. In the beginning they helped me with lines big words and idea's as I was only 5 and didn't have much of an extended vocabulary. I was somehow the best at it, in a freakish way. I wanted to win the game and out do all of the others... and I did. So much so, that the other kids and adults helping me make songs were not needed anymore. They couldn't make really good catchy melodies like I could after I had made like 8 songs, they kind of lost their confidence. They started resenting me for my songmaking skill, and the people bringing me there didn't think it was so amazing anymore, they just wanted me to make the songs like a machine, limitless. Eventually threats and then eventually clone tortured to produce songs or tv/movie idea's or toy idea's. Then politicians wanted advice from this freaky kid about situations in their country LOL! Advice from a kid... It was because I had made so many successful things by that point, songs, products, idea's. Elizabeth was always there as were many, new joiners all the time. They eventually started to bring me to the cloning center on nights that there were no kids brought... Queen Elizabeth liked me a lot back then and I'd asked her to make me smart, because these people seemed to control everything. Even as a kid of 5 in Canada, I knew who the Queen of England was and who these celeb's were from tv shows that I was watching. I was as I'd said before memory suppressed until the age of 30, so they felt comfortable talking to me as it wasn't like I was talking about it in real body, I could never remember. Each night activated in R.E.M, it was like living a dual life. On these nights when it was only adults at the cloning center, they would talk philosophy and have one of their favorite talkers come out and talk... and talk... and talk... well that guy was George Carlin. He used to walk around in the center arena and talk with a microphone for hours... about everything under the sun. He would run out of things to say after a while, and sitting there for so long was kind of like going to school or something. Some things that he would talk about would make sense, some were vague saying's that he was trying to compare with real life happenings in the world. I was a break in the monotony on those nights... he would run out of things to say and I would give him a rest, he would go back to his seat and I'd make a song... this went on for a long time.(More to add about George Carlin later) While competing to be the best songmaker Elizabeth had always told us the winner in the end would recieve a great prize... and the nature of this "prize" was very secret and never talked about. We would ask for hints at what it was, they would get angry, so we didn't ask anymore. I asked Elizabeth alone what it was because I was so curious... she said the winner would become a great power someday. By the time I was 10 I was making even more songs, just as good and better, less assistance. I had won this game and I wanted this "prize" it had been a long time waiting and others there were curious as to what it was too... She told me I'd recieve the prize when I was 33 years old AND I FLIPPED OUT!!! LOL! Also the religious people there wanted me to pretend to be Jesus in a nefarious plan... which back then I'd agreed to or they'd have smashed me as clones... Always intended to betray as soon as I possibly could. This song is about all of that. They needed songs for the Highlander movie, and script lines, cool 1 liners and ideas. One of the only good things about the cloning center back then was how I could really yell,... just as loud as I wanted to... there was no civilization anywhere within screaming distance... and I could really scream out the songs... Couldn't at home in Halifax city where I lived. 

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  1. I'm from Nova Scotia and as a kid I use to dream about weird things like being taken. My dreams are still very vivid. I've been having reoccurring dreams. A place that I can only explain as a dark medical lab infested with evil beings. I can't remember what they look like I just remember being in their presence would make me cry uncontrollably but I would so frightened I'd be trying with all my might not make a sound because I didn't want to draw attention to myself.


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