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Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (ILLUMINATI?) Celebrity deaths Ledger, Penn & Carradine

Donald Marshall (Sun. July 7, 2013) - This guy was terrified,... he is supposedly an illuminati member that doesn't want to attend,... but I've seen him go hog wild there too... a bunch of the reporters are illuminati members in this... Randy was very worried, he thought he was going to be made example of. These reporters are like vultures, and Randy knows they attend,...


Donald Marshall (Sat. October 13, 2012) - He knows about mark 2 cloning, I've talked to Randy personally at the cloning center... He didn't have a problem with the Illuminati when he was in lots of sitcoms and talk shows...

They were talking about killing him just for something to do, as no one had a problem with killing him and they hadn't killed anyone in a while... I had him confused with Dennis Quade, whom they were also going to kill at one point... They hold everyone in fear... This news conference probably saved his life. He was just as rotten as the rest from what I remember.

Lia Atkins - Yeah but he fled to Canada wasn't he scared from them ?He seems to be exposing them?

Donald Marshall - He fled because they don't just kill by aneurysm, sometimes they just shoot ya... There is no distance limit from the cloning consciousness transfer thing... They could have dropped him at any time by remote aneurysm, but a few others died like that after talkin bout NWO/Illuminati stuff... They were just gonna pop em or something, him making a public interview like that held them at bay...


Donald Marshall (Wed. January 23, 2013) -  He knows about cloning and lizards, met him as clones a while ago.

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  1. 'Do you know how paranoid and delusional your client sounds ?" .Record time of twisting and discrediting the person .Smh


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