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I saw a Ghost/Spirit?

in my real body while I was fully awake...I was standing in a room in an apartment (years ago) and out-of no-where, I saw a female "ghost" (see-thru...duh) wearing like a semi-dirty white dress (?) near the opened closet door (light was on in the closet and in the room). She was just staring at me (from like 6 ft. away) for like 5 maybe as much as 10 seconds and she didn't say anything either. I was kind-of shocked, so I didn't really do or say anything to her or to the person that was in the room with me (they didn't see it b/c they weren't looking in that direction...and besides maybe it would've only been visible to me?).

years ago for the first time ever, there was a bird that flew into my apartment. y'know how they say that's good luck? well, in a way it was...I chased it back n forth, it flew everywhere lol. it went in my room and it was hiding underneath a blanket...ha ha. I managed to capture the bird and released it out the window and of course it flew away. 

maybe I didn't need to mention the bird part but whatever. I was in my room sitting down and I guess I was fading in and out of consciousness or something...I had a vision. I saw lottery numbers clearly on one of those print out papers (ticket, receipt whatever you call them). later, I decided to check the lottery numbers and it was all the ones I had seen in my mind. wow...and no I didn't play the number by the way.

just thought some people might have had similar experiences and can relate...

apparently I’m a targeted individual and I know some people on my friend’s list are too. I use to really believe that it was negative entities in the etheric/astral plane that were somehow attached to me (negative entity attachments) from me exploring other realms like the astral plane. now I see that it’s most likely the government, Illuminati or whatever doing this. the intensity of the “zapping” (which kind-of feels like vibrations moving throughout my body) increases randomly. it’s also more noticeable on the “chakra" areas, like the hand chakras and the root chakra for example. the zapping makes my body or certain body parts jerk randomly as well. I feel these burning sensations throughout my body too.

it feels like something is moving inside of me and on me 24/7. it’s been like this for years now. when I lay down on my bed, it feels like a spirit is walking on my bed. I even feel it underneath where I’m laying at. I can feel it while sitting down too.

it makes it hard to sleep and I take sleeping pills pretty much everytime I want to sleep.

I tried all kinds of stuff: prayed, burned sage, reiki, energy raising, chakra stimulation, etc. etc.

I asked Don one time via private message, "so when they "zap" people, y'know mess with them remotely...does this require a clone? like do they do stuff to a clone of you and while your awake you feel the effects of what they did to a clone of you or something? how does that work?"

he replied, "they have stuff to mess you up if you have a clone or even if you don't,... beams from satellites and stuff..."


  1. Hey my name is shane Matthew McCullough, and I have the jerking and feelings things on me and in me, I also use to see things

    1. Could be a kundalini rising

    2. Watched your YouTube channels...old and new ... 'interesting'

  2. I do know, out of past experience, yrs ago, that anti depressant withdrawal created electric shock sensations in me....Drs did not know what I was talking about. Now because so many people have reported this it's in the paper work you get with most SSRIs. They really mess with your nervous system. My thought was the more people that they could get on these drugs the more frequency control they could have over you. When you take these drugs there is an abnormal amount of free floating serotonin in not only your brain but all over the body plus you can't really feel your own emotions. I believe these drugs also mess with your pineal gland, third eye. First they kept us down by yrs and yrs of fluoridation in drinking water to calcify pineal gland keeping us depressed and now are drugging US with SSRIs to have complete control over our third EYE enlightenment experience. And to make sure they added chem trails and certain food additives, etc. Little do they realise they can not control an individuals pure intent to raise their own frequency so as to not let these things BE issues. Their plan can only be carried out as far as they understand consciousness. They do not contain all of the higher frequencies that are God or Source energy. Our DNA is changing and recalibrating at a much more rapid rate than they can understand. They can not prevail....It surely is the Last Waltz of the Tryrants. The gig is up!

    1. AnonymousJune 26, 2016

      Yea! About freakin' time, eh? 5+decades for me. Have stoned many giants. Despaired for a bit, but the 100th monkey hit, IMHO.
      Keep talking. Keep fighting for the respect humane humanity is due. They are in their last gasps. VIVA!

    2. Could you please explain more? I myself am on antidepressants, Celexa which is a SSRI. If I'm off of these then i look crazy because of how intense I feel emotions. I tend to act on impulse too.

  3. Cheetah if ypu could explain more about the antidepressants? I am on Celexa and remeron and have been on remeron for years now. You're telling me that they're controlling me through these antidepressants? If I do decode not to take these antidepressants, I will go nuts! I am a strong person with intense feelings and I become impulsive. I don't think it's a good idea for me to come off of them. I'm actually happiest now than I ever was in my life. I don't feel much sadness as much, but if I do its intense and become depressive for months and months. My energy becomes so harsh and no one wants to hang around me. So it's hard to decide to come off of these antidepressants. Celexa is a SSRI


  5. could be RNM(remote neural monitoring)


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