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Real People Droned At The Cloning Centers

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - real people get brought to the cloning centers to be droned... theeyre lured by the amazing song kid,... whip him or stab him non vital and he will sing you a major hit song out of thin air to make you stop hurting him... some came and i was young and would be upset to see the horror on theyre faces, SO threy would offer them the opportunity to torture me as a kid clone, any way they wanted to, theyd start then get stopped and told they were to be a drone, sometimes injected with something sometimes unneccessary and after seeing what some of these evil callous cold people were about to do to me I didnt feel as bad about them being droned...


  1. they are creating Hybrid Communities..they walk among us..true,but for a short time

  2. The Lord destroyed them in the Bible.


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