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Reanimate You Into A "Shadow"

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - nah they can reanimate you into a come back evil gay child molester. they all do. its flawed.. they have neurosurgeons trying to fix this problem. all over the world german scientists asian russian they cant fix it. they would stop doing it but they fear death. said theyre scared of possibly facing gods judgement and will reanimate themselves. they record your consciousness on a chip just before u die. then they implant this chip in a clone body's head OR a victims head. then they implant this chip in a clone . but use chips now. thats an undead chiphead. can do it to a clone body and have to just get replacement bodies like every 6 months or so. or real body stolen which makes have less side effects and no need to change bodies. destroy the mindworks satellite :) all the undead chipheads will drop. they dont even need to be executed... a button push deactivated em.

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