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Ronda Rousey

Donald Marshall - She is very fake. They set up fights and people take the fall for her. She has been to cloning many times.

She's just a pretty face to fit the part.

Phil Chuppa - Yep like musicians and actors, they need an attractive commodity to sell.

Donald Marshall - Yep They use clones sometimes too. A lot of them train at cloning.

Davina Eubanks - are the Super Bowl games staged?

Donald Marshall - Yes Even with use of time travel...Technology.

She will be in trouble for harming me. In a metaphysical state.

Because they've used me for things For instance they put me in a clone to face josh koscheck it was to be one punch knockout or feel much pain. I fell after one punch intentionally. Ok?

Michael Marullo - How were you treated while there [at the cloning centers]?

Donald Marshall - Badly with threats and the hateful attention of UFC fake fighter woman Ronda Rousey. The fights are set up. Her big fights are against clones. She may be a clone herself while fighting. I'll have much to say about her.

UFC fake fighter Ronda Rousey keeps bothering me at cloning. Trying to talk me into trouble. Trying to keep the place going. She likes it there. She benefits much. I hate that woman badly. She picked up where Elizabeth left off. Tell you all about it. She's part of my second update I'm procrastinating on.

Nick Brooks - Woe, hold the horses, "she's picking up where queen Elizabeth left off" ??? Am I out of context or miss somethin about the queen & not running the show there now or what, I'm confused??

Donald Marshall - She wanted to be the center of attention. The one that talks/bitches at me.

She won't leave me alone at cloning. Keeps bugging me.

The fights are mostly scripted. Once I was a clone in the ring with Josh Koscheck... I was told to fall after one punch or is be tortured terribly at the cloning center. If the fights don't go as planned they bounce time back and do it again. Groundhog Day.


  1. Wow .... Don .Thank you for this all . You woke me up from this illusion . I dont wanna sound lie a wimp cuz im far from it but u got me so appreciative to be out of the illusion that i got tears rolling down my face atm . I feel bad for the millions/billions of people who are asleep ....not knowing they are being doomed . These people are playing chicken with God . Which they know and is probably why they come back as evil gay child molesting chip ..

  2. Wow! I fear the Lord's wrath on this!


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