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Roseanne Barr

Katie Wright Whale Song (April 2013)

Donald Marshall - She has watched people being victimized at the cloning center,... has participated... they forced me to have sex with the pig there... she thinks she can be redeemed by "turning over a new leaf"? She can turn all the leaves she wants... once this is over I'm going to punch Roseanne Barr in the face as hard as I can, probably about 12 times or so... don't fall for this has-been's bullshit... SHE STILL ATTENDS THE CLONING CENTER NOW. She is just a rat fleeing the sinking ship a little early like most of the smarter ones there are doing.

let's go to court Roseanne... I just threatened your fat ol saggy moley face. Whatcha gonna do??

she's doing a Tila Tequila... evil evil evil,... oh its going to be discovered? Oh now shes a crusader for justice... Roseanne and I had a conversation as clones months ago, I dont even want to say as it makes it sound like Im just adding shit... basically asked me to forgive her and don't talk about her..

Roseanne wouldn't be all freedom fighter if they gave her a new sitcom... well no shes rich now so doesnt need it... BUT if she wasnt rich,... and they offered her a sitcom, she wouldn't say anything about anything... lol she ain't going to be hailed no hero,... not while I still draw breath.

she is an illuminati member.


Michael J Kahnke (February 2014) 

Roseanne DROPS A BOMBS- Vatican- 911 -House of Saud- Rothchild - REVOLUTION TIME

At 6:30 mark, Rosanne calls out the Illuminati Mafia, and oddly interjects, "I'll probably get assassinated or DRONED when I get out a' here."

Donald Marshall - she knows about cloning and vrill and me, has spoken to me many times there, she was mean in the past but is trying to redeem herself, before I meet her in the end, real bodies.

she didn't mean unmanned predator aircraft. lol

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