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Sarah Palin

Donald Marshall (August 2014) - She is at cloning. Cut me up bad. Either her or her husband are a host or both. I hate that woman really bad.

She's a dumbfuck. Supposedly a host. Wants the illuminati to end me.

Shayne Ward - they are all like that she was just stupid enough to speak unscripted

Donald Marshall - They have to be scripted lol They're like retarded people. Seriously.


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - Sarah Palin ,Rand Paul, Ron Paul and Cruz are all Illuminati members... Palin, Cruz critical of Obama at World War II memorial

They have clones at the freak zone, spoke to them there many times.

Jennifer Bartos - lol .. Well she was doing a good thing there today

Donald Marshall - No, she was placating the angry public with bs and advertising for herself...


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - John Cleese AND Sarah Palin both attend cloning, have met them, and I have to include something, SARAH PALIN was given some reality tv show about hunting, I didn't see it, I dont watch tv, just the odd movie occasionally... it was the talk of the cloning center... now about 2 years ago. I opened my eyes in the woods somewhere as a clone... it wasn't the woods, It was Mk Ultra visuals... I was at the cloning center...laying in the dirt arena... Sarah Palin comes out all jittery and stuttering, I can feild dress a bear in under 3 minutes Donny... in under 3 minutes... I didnt know what feild dressing a bear was,... she came over and sliced my clone from neck to crotch, I couldn't move at all, and she pulled my guts out and lumped them to the side... everyone in the stands watching with grim fascination... Either her or her husband are a host or both She is going to pay for that.


  1. None of them still have paid for anything.

  2. None of them still have paid for anything.


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