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Scandinavia: Hosts, Incest & Child Molestation

Donald Marshall (January 2014) - Vrill tend to host Scandinavian people a lot, they think they are the most beautiful type of humans in the world. There is more incest and child molestation there than in just about any part of the world. Known Royalties and unknown ones from Scandinavian countries all attend... They are some of the most disgusting people there.

They call it "traditional training" where the parents teach their kids in an incestious threesome or foursome with siblings... those types they call "traditionalists" because its a nicer way to say perverted old person getting gross on their kids.

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  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2017

    I currently live in Scandinavia,(Copenhagen),and I believe you wholeheartedly Donald. I have traveled in 17 different countries/on four different continents,and never have I met more cold;"reserved";cruel and almost "inhuman" people without​ any compassion nor empathy for other people than I have here in Scandinavia,the most atheist/God-less place on Earth. All this talk about their "great welfare system",lol,it's the same nefarious system that​ takes away ALL their "useless eaters'" Godgiven human rights & Independence, there's nothing "great" about it, believe me. Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world. Take one look at queen Margaret,or "Margrete",and you can see the family resemblance with queen Elizabeth,both ugly as sin,queen Margaret the second is beyond wealthy but look at her orange teeth..she even looks like a lizard. Anyways, I am glad,and grateful!,that you spoke out about this, I have never understood why no other truther,nor ANYONE else seemed to notice,or should I say,dared touch on this subject matter. You are very courageous Don and I highly respect and admire you for exposing our corrupt world leaders.
    God bless you both.xx ✝


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