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Scared Humans At The Cloning Centers

Donald Marshall (Mon. March 25, 2013) - scared humans stuck at the cloning centers have been putting hints in since like 1940ish, trying to warn the world hinting,... hinting, like little Miss Tila Tequila,... so they won't get the cloners or vrill lizards pissed off... have to answer to em when they sleep, and they can kill you from there (your real body) at their leisure, seriously, remotely kill you by applying a constant state of pain... they use electricity for it mostly, shock a young person for like hours, maybe have to use a second clone of them, shock that,... old people dispatched this way die faster, either heart attack or aneurysm, or stroke with brain bleed, which is an aneurysm. dead or if they want they can stop the shocking and allow you to live under the threat they will do this again.

that's what they did with Tila.

like if they would have kept shocking her clone she wouldnt have survived the aneurysm... no one is like tough and resist it or anything,... it kills anyone, men women big or small.

Question (October 2012) - donald how come nobody spoke out about this before...even on their deathbeds???

Donald Marshall - Because they will reanimate you after death in a mark 3 or 4 clone and torture you into the next century... Death after death for you and anyone you care about... I'm looking at this fate anyway...

Donald Marshall (December 2012) - Sometimes someone will say they dont want to participate or doesnt want their daughter or son messed with and they want out,... Others agree,... They will start to degrade the ringleaders life in any way possible to discourage others from talking that way... Bring him back for private mental manipulation therapy as clones... Weasel into his and his wifes life in any way possible, get them fired, Impersonate them as clones to the rest of their family members and turn them against them in dramatic ways. Get them fired from their jobs, and privately will continue to bring the kid there and mess that kid up bad, causing the kid to act erratic in real body and not know why (memory suppressed about clone time) Give them childrens aid trouble if possible, anything and everything, and they videotape what they do,... And show others there, look this guy wanted out.... Then Elizabeth says in an official voice, we are worse than the Italian mafia and you dont leave the Italian mafia... Its the goofiest thing. But every once in a while they feel the need to make a new example of someone... When people talk about it they get killed or rendered mentally disabled remotely... I'm amazed I'm still alive actually.

Donald Marshall (Fri. March 22, 2013) - I wanna make Vrill extinct. So do many at the clone zone, but of course they can't openly say that,... the hosts/drones there would start to victimize them probably.

everyone there acts like "oh we like Vrill, some are nice and uhhh Some hosts are nice , yeah" Nope, they're scared, Vrill and hosts know humans hate them and want them gone. They play along,... it's like enforced fake friendship.

Donald Marshall - Quantum hopping,... Yet another reason why the celebs won't talk... Would just get groundhog day'd and killed. I didnt even wanna talk about the hadron colliders as its so star trek its hard to fathom the tech could exist... And then with cloning and vrill lizards and droning,... Would endanger my mission to add even more crazy tech they have.

Question - So once you get that big record deal then it leads to conditions ?

Donald Marshall - They are then slaves,... Their future children included in the deal too,... But once they lose the shine to their star or get old they just let them go or sacrifice them,... If let go they NEVER talk,... Because (get ready for unbelievable part). Even if they go on national tv and blab the whole thing,... They will use the Hadron collider to collide protons, (project pegasus) which will BLAP the day back to the last time they collided protons, JUST like the movie groundhog day with Bill Murray,... Back to the previous day... And then just kill them somehow before they can make that press conference again.... Sounds retarded I know but thats what colliding protons does,... One of the functions... Pretty foolproof security. BUT they can only do that 9 times... 9 timewaves they call it.... Any more and a black hole will appear in the center of the earth and swallow the solar system... On the 10th time definetely, on 9th its still risky,... They did it to me many times when I exposed vrill,... Put it back and tortured me bad that night, sayin dont do it again,... Id just do it again,... Then they'd collide protons again, that night do it again dont do it,... I just did it again.... Until timewave zero when they HAVE to go with what happens or black hole... They made a song about it, about me fighting through the timewaves, (groundhog days) You don't know the ordeal Ive gone through to expose this stuff... 


  1. So the hadron collider is CERN right?

  2. I just want to add about the feet found that Donald Marshall spoke about ; that show 'Bones' S6e17 did a episode about it. Obviously cloning wouldn't be a solution for the plot. Everything on Fox has an illuminati agenda.

  3. I just want to add about the feet found that Donald Marshall spoke about ; that show 'Bones' S6e17 did a episode about it. Obviously cloning wouldn't be a solution for the plot. Everything on Fox has an illuminati agenda.

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  5. Now i know what Nostradamus meant when he said ...
    "They shall beg for death.... but death shall not come"
    i could never work that one out until i read about Donald Marshall.


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