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Skull & Bones Secret Initiation

Donald Marshall (Wed. May 30, 2012) - would you like to know the secret initiation you must do before acceptance into the Skull and Bones? ok here it is but its not what you may be thinking lol

ok if you wanna be in they test your loyalty your greed even give you sodium pentathol and GHB (daterape drug) near same as sodium pentathol (truth serum) due to the high concentration of salt...

then once your cleared they bring you into a special room very private... they talk of brotherhood... if you refuse now your life will degrade they will do whatever they can to ruin you... So... they talk brotherly love and as proof of your loyalty they say your about to meet the leadership... and from the back of the room come all the old men in robes... bushes too

its satanic based too... then the old men tell them to disrobe... they say some nonsense about brotherhood again and brotherly love women are inferior its a mans world... then they tell them if they have any reservations about it leave now.... knowing the secrets could spell your doom if you back out after they initiate they agree... the benefits are vast so these old men are all gay or bisexual they pair up with the old men that are ONLY wanting to getvtheyre rocks offvand they have group h*mo sex lol its been like that since the beginning of it they all get boned its nerdy loser stuff :)

most dont believe in lucifer the light bringer.... but worshipping the goat headed god makes them able to do whatever badness they want lol its comical thats it

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