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Slash Party Incident

Donald Marshall - just saw slash and a few of his new bandmembers there. I dont like any of them.

Amelia Duran - Why? If you don't mind me asking.

Donald Marshall - Slash had me brought to a party once as a clone,... not even confined in a base... strange, anyway, I was weak for some reason, couldnt do much, and sat around with them, they just wanted to party with me in a house like situation, it involved someone some skateboarder guy tv guy named "King Lizard" and his friend some Asian guy last name Nguyen Cousin of Tila Tequila (Thien Nguyen).

was strange, usually I was stuck in a base or the Arena or an enclosed movie set under guard, but this time no guards,...maybe outside, but they figured they could handle me in the weakened state. :) they partied n partied occasionally slapping me in the face, forcing me to drink almost chipping the clones teeth with the bottle all messed up...Slash left and the rest of them quieted down and were all messed up,... they passed out... :)

so being in a kidnapped situation, even though I was a clone, I looked around the room, found a cigarette lighter, gathered a few things together and lit a nice fire. :) It burned the house down, they barely escaped, they were drunk as fuck. :)

There's a video about it on youtube somewhere... sounds so out there I havent mentioned this lol... they told everyone that it was Slash's PANTS, his jeans he had left behind, spontaneously combusted and started the fire!!! lol I'll try to find it. I got messed up bad for that as clones.. multiple bodies, but ah well, burnt his house out. :P

Lizard King & Don "Nuge" Nguyen Survive Skinheads, El Toro, Witches & Drugs! Weekend Buzz ep. 17

those guys...Don Nguyen and Lizard King, skateboard prankers of some kind. theres a bunch of episodes of whatever I havent watched these fools, but I only saw the one at cloning as clones on bigscreen, they talk about how they blamed the pants for the fire...I'll try to find. lol Yeah same vid, they start talking about the house fire at 1:16 :D lol

only way I remembered them was the names,... Lizard King and Nguyen,... lizards cuzza lizards and nygoogoo cuzza Tila.

Kitufu Mutufu - Lolest. How were they able to get your clone out of the DUMBs, to take your clone to a house party without getting caught?

Donald Marshall - in a Van. wasnt many people there, earlier yeah but like 8-10 when I was there.

Kitufu Mutufu - How come you got in trouble and they didn't? They are the ones who kidnapped your clone.

Donald Marshall - I did use some pants to statt the fire, but I used a few things. :) they wanted me brought there to hang for the night, so they set it all up.

Kitufu Mutufu - Lolest. They deserve that for messing with you. If they hadn't kidnapped you their house wouldn't have been burned down.

Donald Marshall - yep. :)  Almost got em too, but someone woke up screamin lol fire fire :) runnin up n down the halls, the least drunk one. :)

Kitufu Mutufu - Were they clones too at the time of that incident? Or were you the only clone at their house party? Looooooooooooooooolest. That's funny.

Donald Marshall - I was the only clone in the house. :) was so weak I couldnt even poke them in the eye :P but I could light a Bic lighter. :P

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  1. If i was there i would have poked them in the eye for you Donald! 8)


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