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Brandon Lamar Johnson (October 2013) - Has anyone Asked you about slipknot yet?

Donald Marshall - Theyre involved, and yes I made some tunes for them... My fave one I made for them was "wait and bleed"

buncha nerds with influential parents in the Illuminasty,... goofy looking nerds so they took to wearing halloween masks as a gimmick.

Holly Preston - So corey Taylor didn't write wait n bleed ??

Donald Marshall - nope

Holly Preston - So ur a ghost writer for them? Or just that song?

Donald Marshall - Made a few for them and many other bands. Read back posts I tell all about it in detail.

Holly Preston - Verify then please

Donald Marshall - verify what Holly, what are you talking about? verify that I made the song as clones? They keep that kinda secret.


Ashley Hansen Hall (Mon. November 24, 2014) - Did you write Slipknots' Sulphur and One, Two, Three, Nil? "sick of being the butt of a cosmic joke and I don't get the punch line" Are they sickos too? And what of Zakk Wylde?

Donald Marshall - Only remember "wait and bleed". When younger they looked nerdy. Had to wear masks.

Slipknot wait and Bleed lyrics.


Donald Marshall (July 2015) - Some slipknot guys have been at cloning

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

    Went to a slipknot concert, and one of the members stared at me the whole time, I was freaked out by it. They are no doubt evil Heeeello they make that obvious people, I was a die hard slipknot fan, I stil love their old songs, but I dont like them anymore because the truth is that they are just like the rest of them


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