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Soul/Consciousness Transfer Into Clones

Damjan Hajsek - just one thing I don't uderstand. When they clone people, which soul is in that clone? They can clone body but can't clone souls. There can not be two souls of you. Or it can be?

Donald Marshall - with rem driven cloning, its like it borrows your soul/consciousnesses temporarily while in rem... with all the time clones, it is a flawed copy of your soul/consciousness... with major behavioral side effect

Michael Taylor - Yeah they can clone souls now, they either use soul transference which is where they attach a god helmet like device, or chip the original, as brain waves are just enhanced radio waves .....your memories and emotions can be downloaded onto the Emerald supercomputers at the NSA/MIEC facility as a master they can decode it and see your memories as sound and video on screen they also can delete memories, they just upload the information (memories and emotions) from the Emerald supercomputers onto a Cranial microchip insert it into the clone, they now have an exact duplicate of you running on your memories and emotions

They do it another also a Soul room, it acts like a faraday cage it's a room coated in a special metal alloy and is earthed to the Emerald supercomputers, as your soul is just static energy they kill a person in the room and the soul is conducted by the metal alloy into the supercomputers

Donald Marshall - never heard of that.

Michael Taylor - They do the soul the room at TRAPDOOR, Brecon Beacons, South Wales. yeah this is there old tech they prefer the cloning & soul transference god knows why they usually kill them after that procedure any way

Damjan Hajsek - they can take out one soul and put in another, but still don't understand how there can be one soul in two bodies

Michael Taylor - REM cloning is as Donald says it borrows your consiouness it's not a permanent thing, this way they extract DNA from you chip you then create a clone of you they keep the clone in storage, they also chip the clone as again brain waves are just enhanced radio waves they hook the chips up the EBL (Electronic Brain Link) which is a top secret network the NSA, CIA, Canadian RSR and MI6 have set up in the cell phone towers/masts , GWEN towers and satellites, they monitor your biological functions at there end on the EEG's as soon as your brain waves go into REM mode they transfer your consciousness over into the clone via the EBL

Donald Marshall - Damjan, I just explained it in simple trailer park terms... if you still dont understand then I can't say it any clearer.

Michael Taylor - Because they have your memories and emotions stored on the Emerald supercomputers as a master, they just create more clones of you, for 2 copies they'd create 2 clones of you and get 2 chips download the information (memories and emotions) onto each of the chips and insert one into each clone, they 2 clones don't know what the other is doing they may sometimes get visions or deja vous experiences

Donald Marshall - how are you aware of that Michael? You seem to know privileged info that I've never detailed. that is not publicly known.

Damjan Hajsek - so there clones doesn't work if they don't have implanted chips in their heads?

Donald Marshall - some... there are lots of different kinds of clones.

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