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Stephen Hawking

Donald Marshall (September 2014) - Hawking is at cloning. Can walk and talk as a clone. Gets sex there. He and many other disabled people are pro cloning. Everyone says he's so smart. He is not really and is very dark and cruel. Very weird person.

Phil Chuppa - so he knows what the hadron collider can do and hes blowing smoke.

Donald Marshall - Always does. I don't know all that it does. I know it can do Groundhog Day effect and be used to transmute elements. But unknown if they can travel back or forward a distance in time.


Ashiya Austin (February 2014) - I believe Stephen Hawking can walk in his Clone Body?

Donald Marshall - He can dance talk n have sex in his clone body. 3/4 retarded during, but hey... lol

Ashiya Austin - have you spoken to him?

Donald Marshall - several times. he helped make a song there with his robotic voice thingy... it was called satisfaction. he insisted...

Ashiya Austin - has he been nice to you? his clone has a robotic voice as well?

Donald Marshall - Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

he wasn't nice to me... he doesn't want cloning stopped.

Ashiya Austin - of course he doesn't!!!

Donald Marshall - he knows the tech is flawed, he doesnt care.

Ashiya Austin - the women in the clip look like clones

Donald Marshall - I'm not watchin, I hate that song. LOL


Ari Rautio (January 2016) - ‎Donald Marshall why Stephen Hawking stays with this fragile body? I think he is at the CC, because he is famous. Why won't he just move to the next clone-body and continue his work as a healthy person?:

Donald Marshall - Because as I've said before. When you come back you are not as smart and suffer side effects.


  1. can you make a story about rapper T.I. and Outkast?

  2. In reply to the answer by Donald in the last post. Would the SIDE-EFFECTS be worse than the EFFECTS he has now?


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