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Stone Cold Steve Austin & Owen Hart

Ashley Stoner Morrison - I bet Owen Hart was a sacrifice or something to that effect!

Donald Marshall - was because he broke Stone Cold's neck in a botched pile driver. literally broke his neck, Stone Cold is lucky he isn't paralyzed. bret the Hitman Hart and many wrestlers know all about it... they stay quiet because they're greedy and or cowards.

Ashley Stoner Morrison - so he punishment was death wtf, mother didnt teach them to play fair, I swear stone cold looked into my eyes at a wrestling event and i didnt feel that he was bad, chris jericho seemed nice, but i heard bret hart is mean, I bet most of them are, most are fucked on drugs, the life of most wrestlers is sad, except hhh is a asshole elite fuck head

Donald Marshall - most of them are.

Jesse Arnett - i see hitman all the time, his kids wrestle in our club

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