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Stop Human Cloning Petition

Sharisse Franklin - I want to shut down the cloning centers and save the victims at cloning which is my mission for the most high. millions of people are taken to the cloning centers against their will there when they sleep and have evil and sickening things happen to them there. the elite even kidnap children to molest and kill them for their sickening pleasure. And the ones that are responsible for this act is the secret society called the illuminati. i need a lot of people to sign this petition and save millions of people. THIS IS NOT A HOAX AND THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

Stop Human Cloning

Gold EnTruth - Find Donald Marshall and learn more about REM driven human cloning. REM driven cloning is a highly advanced technology used by governments to transfer the consciousnesses of the populace unsuspectingly, while a person is asleep, to their REM driven clone, where, as a REM driven clone duplicate, the populace are beaten, tortured, and forced to hand over their intellectual property. Click anywhere on the image above to watch Mr. Donald Marshall's interview discussing the widespread nature of (REM driven) human cloning, and how such highly advanced technologies are used against the populace unsuspectingly. Seek the whistleblower Mr. Donald Marshall for more information (on Youtube or Facebook: and start reading Mr. Marshall's informative FB timeline from March 2012) or visit: for more information.

End Human Cloning. REM Driven Human Cloning.


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