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Taken To The Cloning Centers Against Your Will?

Astral Light - For those of you that are taking to the cloning centers against your will...

The Illuminati have a few backup clone bodies of everyone (some more than others) at the cloning centers, right? They need clone bodies of you to activate you, correct? about we just mess up our clone bodies intentionally until there’s no more to activate us into. Let me explain...

When your real body wakes up, your clone at the cloning centers drops (assuming it’s not sitting or lying down), right? When this happens, your clone may for example, crack its head on the ground. This would essentially make that clone of you useless and they would simply throw it in the chipper. Since they have more clone bodies of you, this isn’t a problem for them but it’s a problem for you of course. Anyways, what happens if they don’t have any clone bodies of you to transfer your consciousness into? Exactly. You’re free (or at least temporarily free) from being brought to the cloning centers for months (since it takes the Illuminati months to grow another clone body of you).

Here’s how we make that happen...Before you go to sleep, set an alarm to wake you up. The time isn’t really important as long you set it for a time in which you would most likely be asleep during R.E.M. So perhaps the earliest you should set the alarm for, is a few hours after the time you plan on going to sleep. It would be more effective if you set the alarm to wake you up several times throughout your sleep, instead of just setting it once. Do NOT set it for the same time every time as the Illuminati would eventually figure out when you would force your real body to wake up due to you setting an alarm. They would probably make sure your sitting at that time or whatever, preventing you from successfully injuring your clone body when you force your real body to wake up. See? You keep doing this every time you go to sleep and there wouldn’t be any clone bodies of you at the cloning centers for them to use because you messed them all up.


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  2. I awaken several times at night anyway. I have physical back problems and have to change my positions often. The times I remember most of being at cloning usually happens between 3:00 am and 5:00. I start waking sometime around 5:00-5:30 AM. Feels for month's I was left alone but now am having experiences again so what you're saying makes sense. I have a question. Last night at cloning I was told a Dr was going to come and put a numbing agent into my throat. I was with 2 other woman. That told me they were going to do this. The so called Dr came and injected it into my throat. I then Sat with the two woman in the bleachers and one was trying to comfort me. Don't remember anything more. Woke up in my bed. Do you think that the numbing agent was for the feeding tube?

  3. I thought I read somewhere having your clone drop all the time can damage the real you,does it? I guess I have to hunt that info down al oh al as I don't expect an answer. But hey I like this blog and old lady me bear with me on this - are the cool colors on top new or have they always been there?
    I'll say they are new and call it good :-)

    1. Not sure... I don’t think so, because your consciousness isn’t present in your clone when it drops. The colors are new, I change the background and stuff every once in awhile.

  4. Duh... I just realized getting beat nightly also does damage to the body.


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