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Donald Marshall - you don't want to try out for OR win any of those talent shows...end up getting a proboscis in yo eye.

Question - Hi Donald, I have a question for you, I hope you don't mind. It might seem trivial to you but a million questions go through my mind in a day and if I can get answers to just any of them I will be happier. What happens to the winners of the reality shows like the X factor and American Idol. Once they win you don't hear from them for a while so I was wondering are they cloned and killed and then their clones sent out into the public eye? Leona Lewis now looks like a completely different person and she also acts differently. Is there a process that they are put through to transform them into illuminati pawns? Sorry if you don't know or if you think its a trivial question :)

Donald Marshall - Not trivial, I don't mind. :) ... a few different possibilities depending on how well they "clone" some people come out the tube looking improved, some come out looking worse and some come out looking different than the original each time... (cont'd) --->

if they come out looking worse, they take the original person and make either make them a parasite host for a Vrill lizard to control or they take one of they're eyeballs out and push a microchip into the brain to an exact depth and on exact angle with the duplicated flawed consciousness of an Illuminati scumbag on it. The new consciousness dominates the brain and bodysnatches them pretty much the same as a Vrill does.

if they are improved looking when they come out of the tank and their looks are consistant each time, they will make multiples of them, and either drone the clone with a lizard or implant a chip in them and take them over that way... before the person dies they are cloned into the mark 2 rem cloning center and are told theyre joining they're clone is implanted with a different chip and they're memories are downloaded onto a computer, and they're behavioral patterns are observed so they're behavoiral patterns can be properly copied by whoever is going to "play" them...

they upload the memories to the new persons chip so they can know the persons past, likes, friends names and stuff. And if theyre physically attractive they keep a clones of them at each many cloning centers to be used as sex slaves. But the person running the clone on chip is willing...

it is a very sad thing yes... theres a black guy judge of one of these competitions that ALWAYS wears sunglasses, I forget his name, but he wears the sunglasses constantly because one of his eyes pops out way far, either from vrill proboscis or the chip on a rod pushed in there...

Simon Cowell is a regular clone center attendee, indulges in all the slimy place has to offer, a freemason and personal friend to the Queen, (or he at least SAYS he is like everyone else there does) to recieve more benefits.

Simon Cowell is there, friend to the Queen. and freemason. all x factor judges attend...even Tosh from TOSH.0 show goes... never saw jedward though..... they bring everyone, then assure them they will be killed if they talk.

I was forced to make the songs for these undead things my entire life. I was a lure they used to bring people there. Someone like Madonna would show a pretty friend video clips of me secretly and say we have this magic little boy cloned that makes stellar songs, he will make songs for you too, but we have to bring you secretly to the cloning center (or hospital) to have a tissue sample taken, so you can be cloned in, It's horrifying...I was an unwitting lure for greedy people to come to get droned by Vrill.. and religious fanatics to come meet new age jesus, to get droned by Vrill... and others. They fostered the notion I was the new age Jesus for this purpose. there are many drones and undead Asians and Nazi's Russians and others running around in the world... very many, They do this with a military like agenda.

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