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Tall Whites

Donald Marshall - This is what those "Tall White" aliens look like... unknown if they're from space or just a nazi gene spliced creation... they are bald on top, all the ones I've seen... 6-7-8 feet tall top of the head is wider, face very narrow... THE EYES---> they are NOT black... they will wear total cover black contact lenses because they have crazy eyes... that and their teeth are their most fearsome features. The eyes are red orange and yellow... very bright, as if they glow in the dark, but they don't, they reflect light a lot... they look like the eye of sauron, or the crazy eyes on the aliens from the move "Mars Attacks". Reptile looking eyes... their teeth are elongated and sharp, upper and lower. They keep their mouths closed most of the time... I didn't see any females, don't know if there are any, they may be A-sexual. They are smart but not fast thinking as humans and they behave erratically, one track mind.

there are other pictures of them... looking similar to this. one in human flesh tone that looks really accurate. wait till you see them without the black contact lenses.

Dolly Valentine - so the face is white... does the smile get real wide like all across the face and are the teeth like shark teeth?

Donald Marshall - more narrow than shark teeth. they sometimes wear flesh tone make up to look more humanish... they are a reptilian hybrid of some kind.

Phil Chuppa - Hey Don, do these guys have claws or carry weapons?

Donald Marshall - yeah, they have microwave guns and other beam guns that have no recoil to them. aliens aren't into ballistics.


  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2016

    Supreme Leader Snoke

  2. If I am correct... Tall Whites = Tall Greys (type 3) mixed with Nordics.

    Tall white nordics are NOT Tall Whites.

    Tall Whites are the aliens that are said to be under the White House running our country. Like the Iranian news story said.

    Can anyone confirm?

    Alex Rogan

    1. Nick MontoyaMarch 22, 2017

      yes, can confirm. I have seen them. Both in fields (the 'wild') around areas told to be big horn sheep viewing spots. I have a contact up high in government who supposedly has been told they go to the tall whites for knowledge about the best policies to enforce. take all of that with a grain of salt, but email me if you need more information/proof.

  3. " unknown if they're from space or just a nazi gene spliced creation.."

    Um... didn't he make it clear that aliens are not from outer space and that is a lie..and that they come from deep underground. This is very confusing. Are the tall whites part of the Vril type 3 as well....uhhh?!?!



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