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Taylor Swift

Donald Marshall (February 2013) - Taylor Swift, a willing illuminati sex slave as clones,... anything for fame and fortune, I made many songs for the little tramp as clones. Under the threat of bad torture as clones chained to a rack. I want to jam my thumb through Taylor's illuminati all seeing eye.


Donald Marshall (October 2015) - Taylor swift is at cloning. Is nasty. That's not her real name nor is that her true personality. It's a stage persona.


Laurence Mountford (November 2014) - taylor swift is psycho knife wielder

Donald Marshall - I just hope she doesn't attempt to rap ever again.

Hippie Lovegods - Donald, You've got about the best sense of humor on the planet considering ~

Donald Marshall - I know. I had to help with scripts n shit for the ass suckers. Whole life All the way back to the muppet show.

Toni Crouch Barker - you will be avenged!

Donald Marshall - Yes but I want to do the venging.


Donald Marshall (Thur. February 12, 2015) - Mindvoice tech.... Kayne West says voices told him to crash Beck at Grammy’s

Shannon Lee - Didn't he do the same when Taylor Swift was accepting her award years ago?

Donald Marshall - He was very drunk then on nearly an entire bottle of straight Hennessey. Lol

Jeff Ilschner - Is he and jay z cloned or something else

Donald Marshall - Supposedly ancient egyptian remake. Told me years ago at cloning that he's also a host of vrill. That's just what I was told there though. Not certain.

Jason Colchiski - What made him stop what he was going to say? It looked to me as if he was doing it as a joke this time, which still wasn't funny, but then he turned around without ever saying a word and walked back to his seat.

Donald Marshall - They told him to pull the joke.

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