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The Besnard Lakes - For Agent 13

"For Agent 13" by The Besnard Lakes

Donald Marshall (Fri. June 14, 2013) - My tag name at the cloning center is "Agent 13" The most unlucky agent there is... and unwilling. They got me to make this song for the Besnard lakes, and allowed me to include some descriptive lyrics, this was made before I had released my original letter and hit the net with it. LISTEN CAREFULLY at 2:41 it says, "You will dieeee, Don't tell em what you knowwwww..... Think on that, while thinking it overrrr" The official lyrics say that it says something else, I will try to find it. Listen for yourselves. Original lyrics say "lets have a picnic in the snowww" or something stupid, It is clear and obvious what is said.

What does it say at 2:41? ven say's you will die, for thinking it over....

Illuminati is doing a lot of stuff with the number 13 this year... even the pope selection had 13 all over it in different circumstances.

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