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A Primer On Milab Abductions

"The Cloning of Milabs is a fact. I have spoken to many milabs who have described seeing clones of themselves. Sometimes the clones are younger, slimmer and more physically fit. Other times the clones look exactly as the milab does at the present time. Milab clones have been seen in suspended animation. Sometimes two or more clones are seen to be animated. They have feelings and emotions and have expressed anguish over the things that are done to them. One female milab I know saw two of her clones placed into a large plastic box and kept there. Her two clones struggled desperately to get out of the box. They were screaming and crying and the female milab was distraught over the treatment meted out to her clones.
Katherina Wilson described meeting two of her clones in an underground installation. They told her they were being used as prostitutes by the military and scientific personnel and were absolutely miserable about their situation.

Cloned bodies are used for training purposes. The deep black military has the means to transfer the consciousness of a sleeping milab into the body of a clone. The clone will then be made to perform a variety of training scenarios and perhaps even find him or herself used in “real world” ops, either on this planet or elsewhere. Confirmation of the use of clones for training purposes has been provided by other milabs. It is quite common for milabs who are acquainted with one another and who live in widely separated places, to see each other in underground installations, training scenarios and actual ops.

If one milab is known to be overweight but appears to be slimmer and in better shape than his or her “real” body, than it is a certainty that a clone was used. If the overweight milab has memories of the same training scenario or op that was described by the other milab, than we can infer that his or her consciousness was transferred into a cloned body for the duration of the event. In this fashion a comprehensive amount of training and operational experience can be imbued into the subconscious or alter personalities of the milab without the attendant risk of injury or death to the real individual. The milab may remember only fragments of the experiences in question but the total memories are maintained in the subconscious and the alter personalities, ready to be utilized and exploited by the milab controllers in the future. Moreover, if the cloned milab was compelled to perpetrate some act that would be morally repugnant to the milab, the memories of such activities can be neatly compartmentalized via the mind control programming. Some milab memories may be state dependent, that is, certain memories may only be remembered by the clone or clones."

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