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The Gandharvas - First Day Of Spring

The Gandharvas - First Day Of Spring

Donald Marshall (Wed. June 26, 2013) - They harvest many things. They harvest fluids from poor unfortunate people, like china does with bears sucking out the gall bladder juice through the nose. Much worse though. They showed it in a video to a song I made there called "first day of spring" by the Ghandarvas. I'll post the video in new status.

This is done to many to extract glandular secretions and juices for consumption.

Helen Owen - What? Force them to listen to some tedious music before going in for the kill?

Donald Marshall - Dunno what you mean. No the tubes and stuff hooked up to the guy in the video I mean. That is done to people.

The cage apparatus on his head and face have a couple functions, it inhibits movement, painful to move and it keeps the mouth peeled open to dry it out so the body won't waste fluid going to saliva instead of other places where they want to extract the fluid from.

The goggles are for the maintenance workers, so they won't pity the victims, they get dark circles around the eyes and look very pitiful.

Lyrics are a vague hint at telling people not to remain idle.

Dan Active - is not it easier to extract it from the parotid gland

Donald Marshall - A lot of the time I was just stuck for a rhyming word. So I'd add this or that and people think the band is being cryptic but its actually just gibberish. Did that with Nirvana a lot.

I dunno I'm not an extractor, I was hooked up to this same rig a few times as clones.

This is the bands way of informing without getting killed.

Dawn Hamm Hart - That was just creepy and disgusting - I am sure this is how they get the fluid for the vats so the aliens can float in them and feed - sick mother fuckers

Donald Marshall - Yep they drink enzymes n stuff too.

Time to kill all the pokemons

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