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The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn

James Casbolt (Thur. June 6, 2013) - Donald you said- I'm getting cloning shut down in part to prevent them from re-animating me once I'm dead.

Let me understand where your heads at. So you are saying you want to die?

Donald Marshall - No, I'll explain,... Long answer.

James Casbolt -You want to be declared medically dead? No pulse, brain activity etc. what do you think will happen when you rot or are cremated?

Donald Marshall - If I die right now the part of the Illuminati called the order of the hermetic dawn will take an Appleseed sized microchip with a flawed recording of my consciousness on it. It's like your soul, the consiousness transfer stuff, anyway, they'll implant clones of me with it and activate it, I'll come alive, and they've done the torture/kill clone after clone stuff to people they really hated before... It's called Megadeath death by clone one after the other for an indeterminate amount of time, not to be confused by the "band" "Mega-Deth" who also attend clone zone...

But I ratted on them permanently in text worse than anyone ever has since the fall of the Egyptian Empire so they really hate me.

I'm a little worried, because with Chris Beniot (dead wwf wrestler) they get bored of torturing the guys out of the same clone after a while, same facial grimace in agony, same voice screaming the same screams,... They get tired of the same thing so they give up on it and start focusing on other people. I don't think they're going to get bored with me... It will be like going to he'll underground which pretty much is what he'll is... And I don't deserve hell for trying to save the World from the illuminati.

James Casbolt - Sounds fun. Lets keep your body alive then.

Donald Marshall - Oh n not just save from illuminati. From the aliens that are down with them...

Yeah that's the plan, stay alive BUT

A few members of my girlfriends family think I'm insane for writing about the illuminati, don't think the illuminati exists and I'm crazy... WELL now they have printed out my Facebook page in its entirety and threaten to go to the "American" authorities. If that doesn't work they plan to attempt to have me committed in an "American" psyche ward lol. Where I will most likely be killed or replaced or droned, as the illuminati do that from jails and hospitals...

I am being blackmailed to leave the country.

Funny thing is The Illuminati reassured me as clones they didn't want to kill me, they could gimme an aneurysm right now if they wanted to... And

Something else though... See aliens don't love many things, they love gold, sex, torturing humans and.... Music.

I made top ten hit songs there since the age of 5. Aliens do not want me to die... They want me to be miserable and suffer but not die. BECAUSE once your re-activated into an undead clone your permanently dumber and other side effects. They want me to introduce them to the world. I refused. They wanted me to deceive the world into thinking they were nice. I refused. I bravely informed on them... They don't want me dead for other reasons too that I've mentioned... Anyway

Aliens literally told me that the ones that cause my death will become the second most unfortunate souls in the world. Because I'd be getting Megadeathed and would be THE most unfortunate person in the world...

Can't die now. World shut down cloning forcibly I will not be reanimated as a dead clone.

And save everyone else... This is why illuminati MEMBERS don't talk... All the celebs that aren't hosts or undead freaks are hoping more than you realize for me to be successful. They want out. But everyone that sez they want out ends up messed up bad in one way or another.

So no one says they want out anymore. ODB wanted out (Old Dirty Bastard) rapper. Messed him up bad.

Hippie Lovegods - Hotel California song comes to mind ~!~

Donald Marshall - So I'm a little stressed, these people buggin me are immigrants and know every immigration law loophole. They're gonna try to improson me in any way possible if I don't leave the country. Or just my gf. We don't live with em or nothin its crazy.

That's what hotel California is about... 

Hippie Lovegods - your description of the appleseed process is very esoteric. imho, you are not and never will be a flawed recording of your consciousness at a fixed point in time. You will live on after death. however the black alchemy they practice may have something to do with your attachment to that recorded flawed consciousness,a connection, a form of entrapment, that only you can break.. ~!~

Daryl Hartley - Can I ask a question Don? How do you only know all this and speakin it out and not anyone else who's apparently been thu it or is it only you?

Donald Marshall - #1, No Hippie, it's not like a mystical thing, it's mechanical, if they wanna activate ya they just activate ya, it's not like that, #2, Daryl, I've answered this question 17 times, if you haven't seen anyone ask me that yet, then you haven't been with us too long, I explained it 17 times, I don't wanna type out the 5 paragraphs again, check it out in older posts plz 

Hippie Lovegods - let me a bit more precise... the word Mystical is a "loaded word" however...Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke. my point is that the Conscious Soul vs. The Mind or Subtle body is eternal and that the appleseed recording is a flawed copy of the subtle/mind of the person currently known as donald not the soul ~!~ and that the entrapment is caused by the identification/attachment of the soul with that subtle/mind body. it can be broken as can any mechanical process. ~!~

Donald Marshall - I'd have to be in a room surrounded with bars with a specific amperage of electricity rinning through the metal all around the room.... BUT if you stay in one of these rooms too long you get cancer LOL... from being in close proximity to electric fields or something.

Hippie Lovegods - think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla.

Donald Marshall - LOL they use Tesla tech, the Russians there kinda worship Nicholi Tesla.

Hippie Lovegods - You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.-Nikola Tesla < sounds about right no ?

Donald Marshall - He knew. Some of his inventions weren't his... You know wut um sayin?

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