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The Last Song Donald Marshall "Wrote"

Katie Wright Whale Song (Tue. June 18, 2013) - when did you last write a song Donald?

Donald Marshall - um, been about a year now? close to. was getting hurt bad repeatedly and just sang it, but then thought, I'm helping alien bodysnatchers make money... so refused... they put me through the ringer several times, just grit my teeth scream scream... didn't help em anymore... they kept the hurts going for the entertainment of the perverse crowd. They stopped when my heart got worse. They have their reasons. said if I die now that people will still destroy them, only faster and eventually violent... they said people will say he mighta been the savior and take the technology from the illuminati and start cloning them and torturing them... also the religious fanatics there say that if I die and am the prophecied savior that a comet smashes the Earth. Theyre not going to kill me they've said. but can't ever believe what they say, they lie more than they tell the truth. Least not getting tortured anymore... it's a plus.

Katie Wright Whale Song - you are always 100 per cent consistant with everything you say....operatives give themselves away .. Liars trip up

Donald Marshall - yeah, it should all work out,... they all want freedom from it. Most of em.


Donald Marshall - the last song I made out there was ABOUT YOU NOW by Tila Tequila

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