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The Marsi Howell Incident


(Marsi is on Donald's friend's list a long time)

I have copied the entire thread as there were many informative comments..................

Donald Marshall - Well where to begin,... went to sleep, opened my eyes and I was standing in the dirt of the cloning center arena,... as usual, but Marsi Howell was standing there looking at me,... and "seductively?" said hello... my eyebrows went down and I said what they hell are you doing? She said I'm not evil, I'm not one of those guys, I said who do you think is surrounding us in the stands? She looked around as if she couldn't see anyone, she said were in spirit zone, I said your an idiot were at the cloning center, do you think a spirit zone would smell like this place? She looked confused and someone in the crowd said "do you want to see what she sees?" I said no I wanna leave I don't wanna see nothing... they said just look, and all around shifted and couldnt see the crowd or the dirt anymore,.. it was all white fluffy clouds and sparkly... just mk ultra visual effects... Marsi said "see?" I said "it's an illusion you fool! This is one of the most evil places in the world!" She chuckled and said "no there are angels here... you are protected" I said "they are not angels theyre alien parasites n murderers and stuff... " she laughed and said "no your wrong" I said "Um Marsi... they cook babies here and eat them sometimes... they have lizard aliens here from underground eating people" She said not true and so I reached down and grabbed a handful of dirt and tossed it at her, she blinked as it pelted her face and I said ok what was that? She said "um cloud" I said do clouds smell like this and started going closer, people in the crowd said HEY dont even...thinking I was gonna punch her or somethin... I said ok freaks tell her the truth... they said ok... um well what he says is true Marsi...

Alison Raffaele - what was the purpose

Donald Marshall - Well she thought it was all a joke... and they said No Marsi he is telling the truth... I said Marsi do you noy read what I write? She looked worried... said I didn't know, I just wanted to talk to you, they said they want me to be the speaker for you,... I said speakers get smashed... bring me here against my will I just smash.. they only end up torturing me anyway... she looked worried and said I didn't know... I said yep eat baies, rapin people whole works,... killin kids just to watch em bleed n die watch em get eaten n stuff yup... she started looking around darting her eyes this way and that... I could tell she was gettin messed up so I said "MALFUNCTION MALFUNCTION LMAO HAHAHAHA" This made her worse lol she started screeching not even making sense... I thought she was a victim so I said ok ok calm down... she looked at me and said "there is no pain here" I said "maybe for you... but this place is all about pain and they tortured the guts outta me here bad, and now your botherin me here... WELL... she narrowed her eyes to slits and said you will talk to me or I'LL torture you... OH BOY! That was enough for me I snapped, grit my clones teeth so hard I almost broke them.. then I thought close the distance to her... SO I did slowly , she said "you can't hurt me there is no pain here" I said calmly unfortunately Marsi this is almost true but some stuff still hurts a pain numbed clone... continued in the link below page 15 top of the page..........

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