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The Pickton Murders

Donald Marshall - Another deplorable thing they did in real life, The Canadian government was trying to lower the amount of prostitutes on the streets, (also Elizabeth hates prostitutes) so they had a man named Robert Pickton start killing them and feeding them to pigs on his pig farm, they had a camera set up in the upper corner of a room in his house and recorded him hitting them in the head with a hammer,(a ball-peen hammer) they took the recordings and all watch them at the cloning station, Elizabeth loves watching it, says she has a maccabre fascination with death, Prime minister Steven Harper knows all about it, has seen the recordings and cheers as the rest of them do, If Mr. Pickton ever says anything about them or the recordings they will make him have a heart attack or aneurysm. 

remember what I said about the Picton pig farm? In my original letter?...

Pickton Pig Farm Clan & The Guild Socialist Ensemble Recorded Live

The murders were videotaped and delivered by car to the cloning center, it is within about 5 hours drive radius from the pickton farm. They would watch the murders like dark porn or something,... Made me watch them too. Made a bunch of the celebrities there watch too, to instill fear in them never to talk and to flaunt their power.

one of the worst times, even besides them stabbing my clones or something was when Elizabeth MADE me watch almost ALL OF THE PICTON MURDERS!!! She was still under the impression that I was a loyal friend,... and this was before I had my memory restored about good old clone time....It was bad.............. ball peen hammer to the back of each prostitutes head.....Elizabeth said it would strengthen my mind and show me the evil that men do. aw all of em... the women were pitiful... no defence, some didn't die first hit...

Robert Pickton is still alive... and is chilling in a Canadian prison. When this is exposed to the world (which I hope is sooner than later cuz he's old n might croak) I want the world to allow me to crush his head off with a ball peen hammer Sorry if that sounds crazy... but you didn't see... that guy should not be enjoying air.

I think after you save the world from an alien bodysnatching threat from underground and clone slavery and psycho headchip shit,... I think the world will let me do that,... on tv too I think that'd b cool as fock... see Robert Pickton knows who I am... he would get cloned into the zone when he slept,.. and the scummier celebs would chat with him for hours about his murderous exploits... made him feel like the superstar... and I had to be there around this guy too.....

see the celebs didn't really "like" Robert Pickton... it's more like the movie Dinner for Schmucks, if youve ever heard of that,... where a bunch of rich people bring the biggest idiot they can find to dinner...but the celebs brought one of the scummiest people they could find... cheered him on.... each murder was videotaped...

Some people used to go to picktons house and eat human flesh on the barbeque!!! including government people cops... they are brazen...they wanted to know what human tasted like... because I guess duplication clones taste different...the pigs on the pig farm weren't totally responsible for eating all those prostitutes... was some rich n powerful people too...musta been like 50-60 prostitutes guy whacked... I think they said 40 tho, around 40 all the celebs in the illuminasty cheering him on... encouraging him to do more... authorities said they had no idea,... authorities turned a blind eye.

guy basically had police protection to do what he did. The reason given was that Elizabeth hated prostitutes and there were too many around wherever he was getting them from.

Robert Pickton used a ball peen hammer for most of the Pickton pig farm murders. Without the claw on it, it has less of a chance of getting caught in the victims clothing... How do I know this? Well because I was forced to watch 30-40 of the 40-60 murders on video on bigscreen at the cloning centers... as were many others, celebrities included...

from behind while he showed them a painting in a room... in the back of the head, they never had a chance it was so cowardly. he didn't even bang them first... just kill em...cluck. RCMP knew... allowed it. and theres more. watching it was like being tortured too...I thought they were just clones in death scenario's at the cloning center. I flipped out bad...made me watch em though or me punched n stabbed by her clone henchmen all around. and to make it worse if i jump on this malevolent hag and pummel her hard as I can... she will laugh as her head bobs around and they will mess me up, click her clone is off...2 minutes later she runs over with a knife and stabs me up from one of multiple back up was and is terrible... cowardly and nerdy to use a technological advantage like a time loop can you boast about defeating someone if you have control over a time loop technology... lol um... it is called no contest then.

Watchin the Picton pig farm murders was especially traumatic for everyone... I thought they were clones, dying in scenarios at first when watching at the cloning center/station... It's why Britney spears wigged out that time... like 40-50 deaths, almost all the same way... Justice has to be done... because I and many were forced to witness that... I freaked out badly when I realized that these hookers were not clones in clone death scenes there.

they were unemployed mothers trying to make money to feed kids... sisters, drug addicts.... women driven to prostitution with no other means as they saw to make money...THAT IS NOT A CAPITAL OFFENCE ELIZABETH!!! anyway...for some reason I was so focused and forced to watch that I remember about 30 something of the deaths on video with perfect clarity and it is bothering me that these women have not been avenged. I have to avenge them for my own conscience alone... lol and to ensure something like that never happens again. and now to say something very retarded sounding... forgive me.

Queen Elizabeth as clones and others Steven Harper the Prime Minister of Canada... have said that when I rise to power... since I feel so very strongly about it with Picton the old scumbag still living in a jail comfortable eating 3 hot meals a day and enjoying a comfortable bed...they have given me his life to do with as I deem fitting!

and as soon as I have a grain of authority i will be bludgeoning through his skull just the same as he killed all of those ABSOLUTELY DEFENCELESS women! with a ball peen hammer... same as he used on the back of their heads when they were distracted. no torture, no suffering.... but his life has been left to me... and I really don't want this to drag on long enough that the evil bastard dies of old age.

i also don't want my friends and the world to think I'm disgusting or evil or something because there's gonna be some brains flying in the affair...bhuman brains smell like sour cheese,... and the older the person is the more rotten the cheese smells...I'm not bloodthirsty or malicious... it is called Justice my friends...and the brains I get in me will wash off... it'll be on TV... free per view. I wouldn't say such a thing... but Queen Elizabeth II officially promised me! and everyone heard at cloning... most hate that guy and don't think he deserves to breath oxygen on Earth...

Laurence Mountford - Haven't they done shit like that for ages though? the pikton thing couldnt have been just the only snuff films they made. Did you see others?

Donald Marshall - crunch crunch saw others, but not like those. they had zero chance... it was so cowardly...some didn't die from the first hit and begged for their lives really sad and desperate like... it affected me a lot.

He wasn't programmed... he liked killing them.

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