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The Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Donald Marshall - He [YouTuber "The Voice Crying in the Wilderness"] is at cloning. A liar and he is down with them... He also has relatives attempting to infiltrate my friends list, almost as goofy looking as him. He's an Italian that agreed to be an ass slave for f*gs.


  1. What about Shane Matthew? (YouTuber)

  2. try to find a brazilian guy called raVagerkillvrill, is a brazilian guy, and he said that was clonned since 1993, and he had contact with lots of people there, and fight vrill and had contact with fraulein maria orsic and the other vrill girls himself, he claims that maria orsic is alive, and she wants don's head! even on halifax

  3. his story is quite convincent, and i sugest you to speak with him. on facebook


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