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Barack Obama - Mark 4 Clone (Double)

Obama Clone in Indonesia!

Astral Light - This is an example of a Mark 4 Clone also known as a Double.

Donald Marshall - different kind of clone.... best one... called a double.... wasnt gonna mention that yet... hard to fathom too.... if he dies he will transfer his consciousness to the chip in the doubles brain via mindcomputers satellite..... yeah i know.... wheres the proof..... they kinda cover theyre tracks really good...


  1. We ( us humans ) believe you . We arent giving up . tyvm Don

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2016

    I believe and spreading the word with you my man. Jus keep it coming!

  3. The mark 4 clone is obviously an improvement on Obama!
    They should put the original through the "chippa".


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