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Celebrity Tila Tequila: Human Cloning & Chipheads

Celebrity Tila Tequila: Missing Children & Cloning Centers

Transcript by Charlie Tetebo...

00.00 – 1.10 min: You know what... since you f****** with my program darling Queen Elizabeth [II] and the paedophilia ring and the cloning centres. That’s right darling the cloning centres. Parents listen to me right now, they are blocking me but that is quite alright. They are blocking me but that is quite alright. Because I have many, many other forces; I shall not say their names right now, but I have many big plans to expose all of you disgusting, sadistic f***s! Okay? That is all. I shall save that for another time. But, however, I shall REPEAT: that was just an introduction to the reptilian family, leading all the way back. They call themselves the “The Black Nobility”. Now that is just one part of it; alright?

1.11 - 2.47 min: The Black Nobility; the reptilian family; all the way back from ancient times; so which they think... they feel like they are the divine chosen ones... from whom may I ask? Definitely. Definitely not God. Our Creator of the world. Reptilians: they feed on blood; children; the paedophilia ring; recently busted. Oh! It has been going on for centuries. Parents listen to me carefully. I don’t care if I’m cutting out. I will continue this and I am not alone on this battle. Believe THAT! Believe THAT! I am not alone on this battle. I started out alone but I am marching on with MILLIONS; okay? So sit your old a** down okay. Because you are gonna roll over, but it doesn’t matter anyway because you are all ancestral f***s! Who interbreed... ancestral f*****g... and then... and then... Oh! Only going to talk about cloning those children and... oh! And all those many children’s parents listen to me carefully.

2.48 - 4.24 min: Hundreds of missing children come up every year. You wonder... why? How? How could this be? And then there is so called CPS [Child Protection Services] or whatever they are called; they come and take your children, just, just for nothing; right? Not to discredit everybody, because not everybody is bad. I’m talking about the bad people. And they take your kids... they take them as this... they treat them like... I can’t even say the word. It’s disgusting, it’s sadistic. They... they... they take your kids... they toss them out like little [inaudible] cause they are so f*****g... Pardon my French, but then again when I’m dealing with these evil cum-buckets I have no holy words coming out of my mouth, because these are the only words they resonate to. So therefore that’s how I refer to them. Because they can only [inaudible] ...their masters whiplash on them with these [inaudible] words of cursing, vileness and slaving and that is not what the true God is; okay? The God of Hell...; Anyways...

4.25 – 5.30 min: There are these CLONING CENTRES where they take your children and do sadistic things to them. I’m not even talking about child molestation here; not to mention; uh there is one of them that got caught, flying out to Florida; to meet up with a four year old little girl, to have sex with a four year old girl. That’s right. Google it because it is so highly sinful... We have commercials about... you know starving kids; you know save the starving kids and it is heartbreaking. We can have commercials about it... why? Because it is a horrible thing and people can have commercials about it. WHY do we not have commercials about... ‘Daddy please don’t, don’t. Mommy please don’t let daddy let daddy touch me?’ –because it is disgusting! It is so disgusting; beyond sin that no one, NO ONE, can even make a commercial about that because that’s how sinful it is.

5.31 – 7.19 min: Do you understand that? Do you understand how sinful that is? These people, I’m not even going to call them people; alright? They take your children; they not only molest them; men f*** them and make them shoot each other. They give them guns. It’s either you shoot him or I’m gonna shoot you. They are... mind you, they are children. Children. Yes. I’m speaking out, because I... uh! Who else is doing this? You’re all just [inaudible]... shame on you... And actually the most recent paedophilia... got taken down... WOW! How long did that take? Really?! Do you know how long this has been going on? *Sigh* Alright I’m gonna calm down... but as a parent and I love parents out there. My heart goes out to all the parents out there who have missing children. You know, we all pray for them; every day. And I put on a bold face in public every day; because there needs to be someone strong, believe that. But my strength comes from somewhere... that I have a very vulnerable emotional side where I feel very strongly for these children and innocent people. So therefore I want to speak out.

7.20 – 9.10 min: I have and I have my passion too; and in the end you shall all know why I am so passionate about exposing every single one of these scumbags; okay? The truth shall prevail and you all will know why. So, as for you parents... ah... there are no words to describe. But let me just expose because you can’t just... there is a point where you CANNOT just turn the other way. You know this stuff is going on; and you go ‘Oh well... that’s their problem. Let’s just turn the other cheek.’ How long are you going to turn the other cheek, until it happens to your own freaking children? When, when, when your own child; three years old, get’s run out [kidnapped] and gets blasted right in the head with a gun... yeah... there’s more to that people; okay? And I’m not just saying that coming from some... I mean, actually, mothers, fathers out there... If you found out... I’m sure you would do way worse than what I am just saying. I’m just using voc. I’m just annihilating them vocally. I’m sure the parents out there who find out what their children have gone through, their missing children. I am pretty positive more than just a vocal annihilation of these scumbags that do this to your children; okay?

9.11 – 10.32 min: So keep on turning the other cheek folks. Hey, go and turn the other cheek; you are with the others. I am not. I AM NOT. Like I said you... There is only two ways to go about this: you’re either with us: the good guys, or you’re with the others. There is no in-between. Cause if you are in-between, hiding like cowards, turning the other cheek; doing whatever; well then you are a freaking coward and you are just a sheep. And sheep end up dying because you know what you are owned by “The Others”. So pick one: you’re either one of us: the good guys or you’re part of the others. That is simple as that! Two choices: good guys; bad guys. In-between you’re dead because the bad guys are going to suck your soul out [transfer your consciousness to your REM driven clone] and do some sadistic stuff to you and watch, and make you watch while they [do] pretty sadistic stuff to your children as well.

10.33 – 11.33 min: Do you know why they love children? Because they are innocent souls; they’re innocent... they’re, they’re the most innocent pure beings in this planet. They’re not harmed by anything. They’re new to the world; bright-eyed pure innocent children. That is why these disgusting paedophile and these clone rings; cloning centres; satanic rituals; Brownsville Texas... There are many other cloning centres where they take your children that go missing. And you wonder why? What happens to them? I’m sorry to break this to you but that is what happens. Now either do you want to know what happens to them or do you want to turn the other freaking cheek?

11.34 – 13.09 min: Tune into my next show. I’m gonna upload stuff; I have an arsenal ready to blow up! Okay. And I have reason behind this. You all should know my personal reason soon; but this has nothing to do with me right now. But know that I’m back, I’m back with a vengeance and I’m back with an army full of people around the world who are sick and tired of treated like animals; or quote, unquote “COWS”. We all know what that means. For the outside world (the masses) we all know the term “sheep”, sheeple. But for the insiders we know what the cows are don’t we? You know what “The Others” like to do with the cows, right? They start to herd you in... and to... yeah...I’m gonna end it at that. And to all the parents, families and children out there, I love you so much. I... have to maintain composure, because that is what I do. That is all. Over and out.

Donald Marshall - Tila did the radio show by surprise and without permission, it was supposed to be a prerecorded show just recycling information, so she told the illuminati clones but...She went live half way through and started going on blast about the cloning centers and kids stuck there and more... But that very night when she went to sleep the illuminati activated a clone of her when she was in rem sleep... I was there too at the time as clones. They had what is called a vrill type-3 come out, an old one. Big n nasty lookin, IT asked her face to face in the main arena in a guttural voice "why are you aiding him? He is trying to eradicate us. Do you want to eradicate us?" She said no shaking. The arena stands full of clones, and it came nose to nose and screamed in her face, took a breath and screamed again, she handled it well and vibrated but was ok, that's why she cut ties with me and never spoke of the cloning center again. But I commend her courage. They look like pumpkin head from the movie, ill show you a pic. When they're old. And they get oooold People have four chamber heart attacks by being confronted by these things,... Kills them in real body sometimes... Older people seeing them for the first time. Die in their sleep. Also why Lady Gaga had those stupid shoulder implants inserted... Wierd huh? Now you understand And if Tila Tequila uses drugs to deal with the horror I cannot judge her for that. No one should really... She handled it SO good though, didn't crumble into a ball or cry or anything. Commendable.

[Vril Type 3]

Celebrity Tila Tequila Finally Admits That Vril Exist!

Tila Tequila: Donald Marshall, Clones, Hosts, Vril & Chipheads

V over one Eye.

This is a picture at the cloning centers of a clone of Tila Tequila (Tila Nguyen) and a clone of someone that has the same body type as Donald Marshall with Don’s consciousness running it. Don “was drugged, confused and could barely stand” at the time the picture was taken.

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